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May 15, 2018: A Conversation with Tinni (while out on the trail)

Alys: Tinni, you seem to be feeling pretty good.
Tinni: Aye yuh.
A: You are more spry than the others and you are 29 years old.
T: Aye yuh.
A: And you came through winter with meat on your bones
T: Aye yuh
A: Your coat looking good
T: Aye yuh
A: And your legs are in excellent shape.
T: Aye yuh.
A: You have anything else to say?
T: Nope.
A: Nothing to say to dispatch readers?
T: Nope.
A: Well, your eye, is it hurting you?
T: Not right now.
A: Pete has been judicious about putting the ointment in it.
T: Twice a day.
A: And it’s looking good.
T: So does this mean that I’m not having surgery?
A: Nope. Dr. Kaiser said he was going to wait until the swelling went down, and then he was going to do an eyelid tuck.
T: And then I will no longer be in pain?
A: Aye yuh.
T: And I will be able to see equally out of both eyes?

Tinni and his ointment

A: Aye yuh.
T: Well, then, let’s get it over with.
A: And there is just one more little item of concern.
T: The eye is a big item of concern.
A: I am hoping this second item isn’t a big item.
T: I think I know what this second item is.
A: Yes, your dinky shack is swollen.
T: Yes it is.
A: Does it hurt?
T: No, but it feels uncomfortable.
A: Any idea what might be wrong?
T: I am not a veterinarian.
A: Were you one in a previous life?
T: No.
A: What were you?
T: I was a tradesman. I worked in Philadelphia. I was a member of the steamfitters union.
A: Remember any other lives?
T: No. This one has been going on a while. I have many good memories.
A: Like of what?
T: Being in Iceland and having a little girl feed me ice cream.
A: You like ice cream?
T: I love ice cream.
A: What flavor?
T: Plain vanilla.
A: And what’s your next favorite memory?
T: Being in Anchorage and having Kaitlin, my little girl, feed me ice cream.
A: So, I take it you would like some ice cream.
T: Aye yuh.
A: And would you want to share it with the others?
T: Oh no. The ice cream would be mine.
A: Do you remember leaving Iceland and being shipped to Canada?
T: I do. I was put in a crate and the crate was put in a cargo plane. There were seven other of us horses. And there were several loads of fish.
A: Would you like to go back to Iceland?
T: Yes I would. Every horse that leaves wants to go back. It is the place where Icelandic horses feel most at home.
A: What do you miss most about Iceland?
T: Running for hours on end with a large herd.
A: You know, if I could give you anything, it would be room to roam around.
T: I understand that isn’t possible. And I appreciate the very good care you give me. Now go and get me some ice cream.

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