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May 5, 2018: A Conversation with Hrimmi

Alys: Hrimmi, today is your sixth birthday.
Hrimmi: What does that mean?
A: You were born six years ago today. Right over there, in that stall. Do you remember?
H: Of course I remember. Horses don’t forget the important stuff.
A: What exactly do you remember?
H: I remember my dam Signy – she was a very kind and gentle mare. She nosed me and told me to get up and start drinking milk. I had a hard time getting up on my feet, but once I was there I found her teat and started drinking. Her milk tasted so good.
A: And what else do you remember?
H: The other horses, Tinni, Siggi, and Raudi, they all came to the gate and said

hello to me. Signy got in between them and me because she didn’t trust Raudi. They were not the best of friends. Signy thought that Raudi was too self-centered. But she did greet me nicely.
A: And then what happened?
H: I rested for a bit. Then this two legged appeared and stood there quietly for a few minutes. Then he ran back up to the cabin.
A: That was Pete.
H: Yes. He was the first human to lay eyes on me.
A: And four years later you became his riding horse.
H: Yes. I decided that this was the way it should be. You are a good rider but you think way too much about what you are doing. I can deal with that every so often and actually this is good for me. Pete is the opposite. He just lets me do as I please.
A: Today’s ride was one of the best.
H: Oh yes, it was. We went on the trails some and we went on the roads some. I like variety.
A: We are thinking about doing a long trip next year. You will then be seven years old. Would you like to do this?
H: Oh yes.
A: Would you want to be a riding horse or a pack horse?
H: I would like to be a riding horse, but if Tyra and Raudi are coming along, I’d be fine being the pack horse. Just don’t put too much gear on me.
A: Pete and I have been talking about this. Raudi and Tyra will also be carrying pack weight.
H: Have you talked about your plans with Tyra?
A: Not yet.
H: Well, she’s pretty serious into this religious thing.
A: Where is she getting her information from?
H: The damn ravens.
A: Well, they will just have to come along.
H: I guess that you will just have to deal with that issue when the time comes.
A: This seems to me to be the only way to proceed.
H: Yep, take it a day at a time.
A: Here’s your birthday present – some calendula.
H: Ohh, this is so good. I could eat the entire container.
A: Looks like help is coming your way.
H: That’s okay. Do share it with the others.
A: What a sweetheart you are.

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