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May 4, 2018: The ABC’s of Listing: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Here I am, at the end of the alphabet. It was a long 26 days. My thought, that I should write about listing, using the organizational structure of the alphabet, began on an ideas day. I was determined to follow through with it because I tend to abandon the initial impetus.

I learned in doing this project that there are many types of lists and that to a certain degree our lives are governed by them. For example, there are conventional lists, things to do lists, shopping lists, and honey to do lists. There are also lists that guide us, such as arrival and departure lists in airports. And there are food lists. And there are managerial lists.

I probably would have stuck with writing about conventional lists, but in travelling, I saw that there were the above-mentioned lists and as well, others.

What is most interesting is how hyperconscious I became about lists and listing. Hearing the phrases “make a list” or “let’s make a list” puts me on red alert and I start thinking about the who, what, when, where, and why of that particular sort of list.

This morning I shared a list I composed yesterday, the purpose of this list being to share with Pete my thoughts about what we need to be getting done around here. It included horsey and property maintenance tasks, and as well, horsey and property maintenance tasks. Pete was not thrilled about our having to sit down and talk about the things we have to do – he is right now at the semester’s end and feeling very overwhelmed. But it was good to have a list, a structural guide, to refer to in our discussion.

This list is now sitting on the kitchen table. It has served its purpose. And that which did not get done most likely will not get done.

So what now? My thoughts about listing will be posted on my website. I am behind with the posts because I have been travelling. But I have a list in which I list what I’ve written, and Pete will use this as a guide for getting the material on-line.

I would like to revise what I have and put together in an eBook or even a publishable book. I want to do this, and I want to do this now. The problem is that I have to first finish my recycling book, and this must be a priority. Too tempting, now, to just abandon Forks and move on to this. It’s important to keep the faith when working on any and all writing projects and not become too critical of it. Otherwise, it does not get done at all. Follow through – this is my weakness, and I must do as I wrote about in my P entry, and prioritize. But down the road I might finish the ABC’s of Listing and also write the ABC’s of Journaling.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ is the end of the road. These letters, one following the other, represent the sound of sleep, a sound exhalation, the ultimate form of relaxation. And so, say, if you have your list by your bedside, you can put it under your pillow, go to sleep and not worry about what you might otherwise forget to do. There it is, the list, the ultimate dream machine.

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