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May 3, 2018: The ABC’s of Listing – Y, You

You disembark the plane, proud of yourself for again having defied death – a few moments of uncertainty, what with the very thick cloud cover and the pilot telling the flight attendants to lock the lavatory doors because there is going to be turbulence. The T word, turbulence, it’s one step closer to death than the B word, bumps.

Back home after two weeks of travelling – what a difference between here, Southcentral Alaska, and there, the Pacific Northwest. There it was warm and often sunny. Here it is cold and snowing and raining. Husband is eminently cheerful because you are again both pulling the cart. Horses are restless, in your absence have been gnawing at the fence posts.

It appears that for you, it is going to be a maintenance day whether or not you like it. You have made a list, and in making this list you have come full circle. You previously made a list in preparation for a trip and you are now making a list upon your return. This list is both a list of things you didn’t do before you left and things you need to do now. It’s lengthy and scattered. It was a list that was in your head when you began your day of maintenance. But finally, you bit the bullet and got it on paper, writing it in your small red notebook.

Thinking of Home

You wrote down the listed items in this notebook because you wanted to keep track of them for the next few days. You also wanted to have the list handy so that Pete might post it with this particular dispatch.

At the top of the list is what you are doing now – writing your Y dispatch. You are on the fence about whether or not to next send your written dispatches on to Pete because this is going to challenge you administratively. Some of your recent dispatches are in your hard drive and others are hand written, in your red spiral notebooks. As for photos, you would rather not go there at all, but you must.

You are thinking that the best way to deal is going to be to make a dispatch/photo list and mark off what you send on to Pete. This will make this task more manageable.

Add to this, you need to start studying for your vet tech exam and final, which you have postponed until Friday. You are delaying the inevitable because you know that there is far too much material to study and internalize by Friday. And so, in the back of your mind, you are thinking that you might blow off studying altogether and just go in and take the tests. However, that is so unlike you. You just are not going to do this. Instead you will get your knots in a nicker in seeing all that you do not know, but should know.

Hopefully, in a few days you will again be listless.

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