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January 11, 2018: The Writing Life: My Own Fork in the Road

I have been relying heavily on writing about the local recycling effort in relation to the Alaska State Fair. There are the literal forks, which can be found just about anywhere on the Fairgrounds. And there are the figurative forks, that is the paths taken by the recyclables.

Today I had a long interview with Dave and Judith, two retired school teachers who for 9 years put in umpteenth hours at the State Fair, getting the local recycling effort going. They bowed out because, finally, they had come to their own fork in the road. They were burnt out and it was time to do some other things.

The two did an excellent job – beyond Herculean – the recycling effort became a bright star around which their lives revolved. When they left, there was no one to replace them in the long term. They both seemed to feel that because of this lack of consistency that the lofty goals established by Jeannie Carlson, the woman who involved Greenstar, have not yet been met.

We all agreed (Pete was also at this meeting) that the Fair recycling effort needs to be institutionalized. That is, the Alaska State Fair needs to provide more support, mainly in terms of employees. I added that it seemed to me that the powers that be need to hire an Assistant Alaska State Fair Recycling Coordinator, one who will work in concert with the current Alaska State Fair Coordinator, Pam Meekin.

I then came to a fork in the road. The thought briefly crossed my mind that I would be a good fit for this job. I see how things could be improved upon – for instance, I could talk with all the vendors and ask them to save their cardboard and other recyclables for pick-up. But then I got to thinking that this job would put a serious crimp in my style. (This is Pete’s phraseology.) Working on this book is a huge job, as is tending to all our animals. Add to this, getting outside and exercising.

Today’s a good example of a full day in which just a few things got done. Got up early because the phone rang. Cleaned the horse pen, twice. Tended to Tinni, did my body awareness exercises, got Tyra out on the trails (Pete rode Hrimmi), went to town and interviewed Judith and Dave. The latter meeting was at 2 p.m. We had planned on coming home and going for a bike ride, but after stopping and dropping off Pete’s coat (needs a new zipper) it was --- dark. So no bicycle ride. What gives?

Tonight I will again send messages out about Sunday’s body awareness class and make a few calls. I will work on my history some, and maybe read a bit. I’ll also prepare tomorrow’s horse supplements and clean up after them one more time.

Tomorrow morning I am going to do my body awareness work and then (with Pete) go for a bicycle ride. Yes, the more that I think about it, the more that I foresee that I should bypass this particular fork in the road. A very tough call. I wonder how it is that others do as much as they do. I am a slouch compared to most.

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