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April 19, 2018: The ABC’s of Listing: K, Knock it Out

The k word is a phrase, knock it out, meaning, cross it off the list. Putting the line through the chosen item is the most satisfying aspects of list keeping because it heralds a sense of completion. It does not matter how insignificant the crossed off task might be, it is the most satisfying aspect of list keeping. This is why list keepers put nearly non-sensical or simplistic things on their lists.

Today El and my lists were mental. We did not write down what we wanted to see and do – but we did have one thing in mid that we were going to do this morning. Eat breakfast downstairs – if we had a list this would have been on it. Would also have put on there Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Castro District, Frank Lloyd Wright House, and

Further Adventures of the Bacon Family

Yerba Buena Gardens. We did not know we were going to these places – we simply kept looking at the map and going from place to place.

In between places – the Dog Ear Bookstore in the Castro District – a bookstore specializing in gay and beat writings. I purchased a book there because I believe in supporting independent bookstores – and the clerk gave me another book.

We walked around the Castro district and admired the old Victorian houses. Lots of rainbow colors on chairs and on the sidewalks. Passed a bar called Moby Dick’s – now I always thought that yes, Melville’s book is a treatise on sexuality -- sperm whales ‘n all. Well, someone here had a good sense of humor.

And in between places – the Jewish Museum near the Yerba Buena Gardens. They had an exhibit on Rube Goldberg, the cartoonist and inventor. This was the high point of my trip thus far – seeing how the mind of yet another cartoonist worked.

I found a very large book of cartoons 1900s to the 1930s – it had one page of Lionel Fenniger’s work. Interesting to see how the cartoonists appropriated the images of their contemporaries. For instance, Auntie Jim Jam who is Fenniger character, first appeared in the Katzenjammer Kids.

In looking at this exhibit, I so wished my father was still around. He would have liked hearing about this, especially since early comic strips were an area of interest of his. I only realized this after his death.

So today we knocked several places off our mental things to do in San Francisco list. The only big thing left is to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge which we will do tomorrow. Pete’s sister Sara is going to join us. Then we will go to her place for a few days. Onward and upward

One can never spend enough time in a museum. I suppose if one was exclusively museum hopping that they would list which museums that might go to and then the exhibits they might want to see. But this is a recon trip meaning that we are just checking out things for future trips. Come to think of it, I have not yet seen El make any lists.

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