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April 12, 2018: The ABC’s of Listing – Detail

Details, this is what listing is all about – getting items on the list, determining which are worth doing and which are not, then prioritizing them. Lists are always evolving, always changing, always in a state of active flux.

Some, I would imagine, have very linear lives, and they like it this way. They do a limited number of things in a set order. I envy the simplicity of their lives but know that if I lived this way that in a short time that I would, in a manner of speaking, start chafing at the bit. I do best having a lot of seemingly unrelated details to tend to. Details tend to beget details.

Today’s details are mostly in the usually routine categories – horse and writing related. The horse category can be further broken down into tending, training, and feeding. Tending can be broken down into pen cleaning and hauling manure. Training can be broken down into doing Intrinzen work, agility, and riding. Each horse is on a different training schedule, I will spare you the details. Feeding can be broken down into doling out hay and preparing and giving Tinni his slurpee. Goats, pretty similar, add to that subcategory clean out the area around the goat house, so that Stormy can use it as a nesting area.

Writing, subcategories, Fork book, Vet Tech work, and dispatches. Forks can be broken down into work on Cardboard chapter and send Carole H draft of first fifty pages. Vet Tech can be broken down into studying the various chapters and writing up my disease notes. Dispatches can be broken down into writing them and photos.

Right now I have additional details because I am getting ready to embark on a two week trip, one with a complicated itinerary. I’m leaving on Saturday morning. I did a lot of the legwork yesterday – I printed up my itinerary and now am filling in the blanks. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day with its own set of set details, so I am trying to get as much done as I can.

The list – much of what is to be done involves Pete who is far more amenable and therefore more practiced at doing administrativa than I ever will be. I supposed I’d be better at this than he is. Live with someone for thirty years and you develop habits that center around the things you like doing. Pete likes doing computer-related tasks. I don’t. So he will print up my vet tech notes, figure out how I might most easily do the power point presentation and post dispatches and photos. He’ll also figure out the best way in which I might get from Spokane to Bellingham. This is my last itinerary-related link.

Pete’s in charge of the black hole, so he will dig out my backpack and the compression sacks. I’ll pack my stuff. I have most of my travel items in a bin. I am good at consolidating goods.

Details, details, I start with a list and move on from there.

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