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April 11, 2018: The ABC’s of Listing: Catalyst

I spent the morning as I went about doing mundane things, mulling over what C word to write about. Check off was my first choice, but then I realized that I could use “Knock it off the List” as my K word. I also considered compartmentalization, but it sounded too administrative. I also wanted a word that was more outside the box.

I had this Aristotelian click of recognition when the word catalyst came to mind. Indeed, this is the word of the day. I like the sound of it, and the fact that the word list is the third syllable. My subconscious had a short time in which to mull this one over – fortunately, it had arrived early for work and was ready to go.

I was and to a certain degree am feeling very overwhelmed. I have my regular things to do, writing and animal related. And in addition, I am leaving for a few weeks in a few days, so I have to get ready to go. And getting ready involves making sure that beforehand I clean my fouled nest. And indeed, my nest is pretty fouled.

Birds are called foul. Is this because they are dirty creatures? Yes, when they spend time in their nests.

So, today, I made a list and this list was a catalyst for what I need to get done, today and tomorrow. It isn’t a complete list; rather it is more of a catalyst. And I know from past experience that once I get going that I will start knocking things off the list and subsequently feel less overwhelmed.

Again, a list is just a catalyst – it’s like jumping off a diving board – you make the great leap, and then you are committed. It does not always matter what tasks you begin with, as today indicates. I was going to start by writing this dispatch, but instead I immediately began working on getting my itinerary in better order.

My trip plans are complicated – I’m first going to Portland, Oregon and from there my sister Eleanor and I are going to San Francisco for a few days. Then we will go spend a few days with Pete’s sister, who lives in that area. After, I will head on to Spokane for the BCHA Board meeting. And from there, I will go to Bellingham, WA and spend time with my Icelandic horse buddies. It will then be a hop, skip, and a jump to Seattle, where I will fly home.

So I need to have everything lined up. Actually, Pete made all the plane reservations and the Bellingham to Seattle shuttle reservation. The most pressing thing that I need to do is find a ride from Spokane to Seattle.

I have the usual things writing/related things to do listed. In addition, I need to pack and clean up, inside and outside. I could and probably will make yet another list, one in which I am more specific about what I need to do in terms of getting my gear ready.

Writing about my list was a figurative kick in the pants. I am now at the edge of the diving board and ready to leap in.

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