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April 6, 2017: In a State of Glorious Disarray

The above title of this dispatch best describes my current state of being. It is spring here, finally. I had presumed that we’d gone into a state of perpetual winter. The sun’s been shining brightly all morning and the snow is melting. I have from my desk, a view of the Playground of Higher learning, the agility arena. The snow on the base has melted. Pete made a scary corner obstacle out of a snow berm – it too is melting. The flags and flagging are going to come down unless I move them.

We did a video of Hrimmi this morning. She did just fine. So we will have one video if we are not able to do others, on Monday a.m. as planned. Hrimmi did

really well except for the fact that she can’t seem to hold still in the hula hoop. Her life, too, is now in a glorious state of disarray – she was antsy and just a tad bit nippy. The warmth of the sun is making her feel good, as is the same with the others.

The good weather is making me feel less anxious about my travel plans. Travelling is a good thing because new physical pathways create new neural pathways. If I stay put for extended periods of time I become complacent. The same holds true for Pete.

We got a house/animal sitter for the weekend, which means that Pete and I will both be able to take off for the weekend. He has union meetings and I have Bones for Life teacher training. I’m going to again ride on Pete’s shirt-tales – we’ll both stay at the Captain Cook motel in downtown Anchorage, Friday and Saturday nights. I’m looking forward to this and so is he.

I wish that we were celebrating my having gotten a job interview at Mat-Su College where he teaches. Sad to say, my application was not even considered. Shit, I have a PhD in Composition and Rhetoric, so I should have at least been interviewed. This is totally unfair. The grass is always greener – the college is bringing up three outside candidates. I was not at all excited about going through the interview process; rather, I was excited about getting the job.

I feel like I somehow let Pete down. I really wanted to pull my weight around here – can’t do it literally because he weighs so much more than I do. But figuratively, it would (I am sure) be most appreciated.

So I’ll continue to muddle through the puddles because this is what I have always done. Am now thinking hard about the Problem Solving book, a book that will be a guide for those who want to use writing to problem solve, their first audience being themselves. I can work on it while travelling. I have not forgotten about the other unfinished projects. Like I said earlier, my life right now is in a state of glorious disarray – this is a good thing because it is inherent to seemingly endless possibilities.

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