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April 5, 2017: On Your Mark, Get Set . . . .Go

Not yet. I have three days before I leave here for Anchorage and further Bones for Life Training. And I have six days before I leave here for the east coast and my Centered Riding doings. Gulp. Small details related to what I need to do before going keep coming to mind. Double gulp. And there are just too many of these details to keep track of. I want to run away, far and fast, but I can’t do this because I have shin splints that I acquired in doing road runs with Tyra.

Last night I was reading in my Bones for Life book that after a Feldenkrais session, the inclination is to overdo it exercise-wise because one then feels so good. Instead, one should do the opposite so that they might instead nurture those newly formed neural pathways. I did keep this in mind this morning, during my morning outing with Pete, Hrimmi, and Tyra. I really wanted to run. I did not. Rather, I walked. It was difficult for me, I just wanted to move at a faster pace. I was also wearing my red muck boots. Next time, I’ll wear my running shoes.

It’s always a good feeling, to be on the plane that’s taking off and realizing that there is really nothing more I can do. Life again reduced to its simplest form. In the meantime, here I am dealing with the drek and drivel of everyday life. I’m going to have to do less with the horses today and

tomorrow. This is going to be difficult because it’s finally spring here and I just want to be outside.

Inside – been putting off working on my Centered Riding portfolio. This now nearly a last minute project. Right now I’m procrastinating by working on this dispatch. I’m going to have to glue myself to the chair and just do it. I just want to be doing agility. I will at least get going on this today and finish it tomorrow.

Why do we procrastinate? Maybe the task seems larger than what we can accomplish. Or, maybe we fail to see a starting point. Or maybe we have hit a previous stuck point and can’t continue. Or maybe we are afraid that we will fall flat on our face in attempting to do a good job. For me, it’s all of the above. I actually, right now, have a knot in my stomach in thinking about this.

I’m now eyeballing my Centered Riding binder/portfolio and thinking that I’ll begin by taking out the binder with my TTeam certificates and reorganizing what I have in it. I’m also going to go to the Centered Riding site – the policies and procedures manual, and at the top of each section, copy in the Level II requirements. Okay. The wheels are spinning fast and they are spinning fast because I’m using writing to problem solve. Now there’s a great book idea. Maybe I can combine it with an earlier idea I had, which is my Writing A to Z book. P is for Procrastination. Now I just want to work on this. I’m on the neural pathway slippery slope. However, I now feel a lot more confident about taking on the above-mentioned task.

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