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March 27, 2017: Shorter Days

. . . The days seem to get shorter as I get older. I hate to say it, but some days (not all) I’m glad to see them go by fast and then come to an end. I always look forward to the day’s end and kicking back, if only for fifteen minutes or so.

Today went by fairly quickly. Chores, then updated the Centered Riding instructor list for the Icelandic Horse Quarterly. Then I did my Feldenkrais/Bones for Life exercises. Then I took Tyra for a run around the loop. Then Pete and I went for a ride; I rode Raudi and he rode Hrimmi. Hrimmi seems to have been telling us her feet are tender when out on the gravel road, so we put boots with cleats on them on her feet. She seemed a whole lot happier, clunk, clunk, clunking her way down the road. I think the road’s hard surface also bothers Raudi – and she has shoes.

Summer Day
Summer Day

After doing the above, Pete and I went to meet with Gregory and Brit, the owners of the Saddle Up Arena out in the Butte. The pair is hosting the June clinics. I called the meeting because I was worried about what might happen if the clinics don’t fill. What it means overall is that someone will be in the red.

Brit (bless her soul) said that the show will go on, even if she and Gregory end up having to take a loss. There was a part of me that was relieved to hear this. But at the same time there is a part of me that doesn’t want them to take a loss any more than I want Pete and me to take a loss. They who are so generous and hardworking should not have to take a hit.

So I decided that I am going to work really, really hard to get the get the clinic spaces filled. Of course, Brit, Gregory, and Pete will do the same. But I am going to move heaven and earth to bring this about.

Just sitting around, we came up with a list of additional horse owners and a list of places to post fliers. This should generate some interest. I suspect that there are horse owners out there, hiding in the woodwork, who will be interested in attending. We just have to find them.

As usual, I spent a good portion of my day doing clinic administrativa. I am glad the days now seem short because otherwise it would seem like I spent even more time than I did sending out emails and fliers.

I am looking forward to the first morning of the first June clinic – right then my high level of apprehension, which is related to numbers, will fall to the floor. I’ll then look around and say to myself – I remember a day back in late March, when I was then discouraged and ready to throw in the towel.

At such times, the days do not seem long enough.

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