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March 21, 2017: The First day of Spring

Today is the equinox, the time of year when there is a light/dark balance –12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. The sun’s up at 8 a.m. and sets at 8 pm, supposedly. Daylight savings times screws things up. Took me a long time this year to adjust to it because I lost one very valuable hour of sleep. And to what end? 12 hours of daylight is 12 hours of daylight.

Spring is a time of rebirth. Rebirth is the same old birth, over and over. But who’s going to disagree about the overall effects? We’re all glad to see spring when it finally comes.

Dr. Kaiser works on Tinni's eye

Felt like spring early on this morning – there was heat in that there sun. An unusual day in the respect that early on it was windless and somewhat warm. Pete and did the March online agility course with Raudi – she did as good as she was going to do – just won’t trot when required to in part because the arena distances are too short. But she knew what to do and so did I so we had a smooth run.

And Zach Kaiser, our veterinarian came and took yet another look at Tinni’s weepy eye. We talked a lot about preventative protocol – for instance putting Tinni in the shed area when it’s windy so that his affected eye doesn’t get any more crap in it or dried out. Seems like it gets worse when it’s windy. And we are going to purchase him a fly mask, which will help to keep the dust out.

Pete and I then went to town, first to Mad Matters where I left my goat poems and a bio to be matted. Then I went to finalize what we’re going to do on Friday with Alex, who owns Turkey Red. Next, I went and said hi to Betty – she showed me some of her matted alcohol prints. They all relate to various poems. I went to the thrift store after conversing with Betty and picked up a new pair of used jeans and a sweater and a Cliffs notes anatomy book. I’m going to take the anatomy book with me to the east coast.

By 4 p.m. the spring like weather was again winter like. It was cold and windy. Still, I ground drove Tyra around the loop and did a lot of clicker training with all the horses. They are slowly figuring out that I want them to stay out of the front part of the pen when I am getting them hay. This is difficult for them and difficult for me because this is not a quick fix. But doing it this way means that, yes, they have some say in the matter. I’m now inside. It’s 8:31 p.m. and it’s dusky out.

I have had enough of cold weather. I simply want for it to again be windless and warm. At least we are going out of and not going into winter.

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