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March 18, 2017: What will this Day Bring?

This is the question I asked myself this morning, as I stepped outside in order to get going on doing morning chores. It was a bit chilly, 5 degrees, just slightly breezy. The sun by 9:00 a.m. shone brightly; the light was made more intense by the ground covered snow. This, I determined, is the onset of spring. Spring is late this year, but is a much-welcomed visitor, one that I hope will linger for a long, long time.

What will this day bring? Looking outward, going down the road with Rainbow, infirmed dog, dottering, ever so slow, she forces me to take more in than I might otherwise. I saw a tree on the left hand side of the road, in front of our neighbor

Nurse tree

Scott’s cabin, it is a very old tree, but has (for lack of a better word) two younger trees sprouting out of the old growth.

This seemed to me to be quite remarkable – I mean how is it that this old birch tree is still able to nourish the much younger trees? And I wondered, what will become of it? I suspect that it will either fall over it will be cut down and burned. If it is to fall, then the younger trees will spread their seeds and there will be new trees.

What will this day bring? My thoughts then turned inward, me thinking that as with the weather, each and every day is different. I woke up thinking that I’d like to go for a longer ride today on Raudi and do some ground driving with Tyra.

Yesterday we made March agility videos. The one of Hrimmi is a keeper, she did a really good job. The one of Raudi well, we need to work on speed. We also need to work on attitude. Yesterday she just did not give a rat’s ass about doing agility. But then again, she and the others pulled a bale of hay out of the shed (I’d left it open) and pulled it out into the front area. She was obviously satiated and did not want to have to work.

I’ve been reading the Alexandra Kurland book on clicker training – this, and my having attended the clicker training clinic, have added depth to my existent clicker training knowledge. For instance, I have been stymied by Ranger’s rearing up in front of me when I’m going from place to place. And this has gotten worse since Rover died. I’m now having him walk next to me and clicking when he’s walking quietly next to me, thus reinforcing the desired behavior.

What will this day bring? Tonight we are going a get together with our friend Anne Corinne Kell who owns Sun Circle farm. She’s bringing Chicken. This is what I am going to name the new one. As in, we are having Chicken for dinner. This seems like a fitting name. And it sounds good – Chicken and Freebird. Have to figure out a way to introduce the two since the living accommodations are rather tight.

What will this day bring? A good thought, one that reeks of optimism.

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