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March 9, 2017: The Writing Life: A Girl’s Gotta do what a Girl’s Gotta Do

I most enjoy creating, coming up with new stuff. An idea comes to me and I want to run with it. I end up with so many ideas that I am often slowed to a walk. Doing finishing work on older stuff makes me antsy. And marketing the finished work makes me even more antsy. It’s like being back in South Carolina and having to again deal with the fire ants. Torturous, torturous. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I’m sort of like Raudi who once she gets an agility obstacle down (to her specifications, not mine), she starts acting incredibly bored. The difference is (of course) that I, unlike Raudi, have a very well developed prefrontal cortex and therefore can envision what the final product will be like, and how I might get it into the hands of

my attentive and waiting readership. Yes, that readership is vast, it extends out into the universe and points beyond. Har har.

I wonder if anyone has ever gotten their work into the hands of aliens. I am sure that if they did, the aliens were most appreciative. They too have large prefrontal cortexes. They also have no preconceived ideas as to what constitutes good art and good poetry, or so I would like to think.

Yes, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Been continuing to prepare for the upcoming Goat or “Greatest of all Time Reading.” Yesterday, met with Betty Pierce who is taking care of the art end of things. She’s going to be out of town until March 18. This is going to leave us 7 days to get this puppy off the ground. Ought not be a problem.

I just finished and sent off an article for a local publication – coincidently the deadline is tomorrow. I say coincidently because I hadn’t a clue, that is, until I checked out the newspaper’s website. Yesterday, I sent out fliers – I am calling them the goat fliers for if goats could fly – has a nice ring to it. And Betty’s illustration is of the goat in the first poem, Rasta Goat, standing on his igloo.

Pete decided that the font that we’ll use to “illustrate” the poems is the same font that we’re using on the flier. People won’t notice this consciously, but they will notice subconsciously.

Next on the agenda – I am going to put together an eBook that will contain additional poems plus some of my conversations with Ranger and Rover dispatches. This will come out after the reading is over. I’d like to have it done beforehand, but this is not humanly possible.

I am also going to need to get the poems that are going to be on display matted. I’m not sure yet how I am going to go about doing this. I suspect that once again the rallying cry, “Pete!” will be heard far and wide, more far than wide.

It’s good to be doing this while the wind is blowing and its cold out. This afternoon I am also going to meet with Bill Schmidtkunz and provide him with a writer’s bio. Hmm, I need to put that on the post it.

Enough for now. More than enough for now.

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