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March 7, 2017: Tenacity

Seasons should not be personified. Winter, for instance, is nothing but winter and there is no getting around this. However (drumroll), I do not think that I am pushing too awfully hard on the boundaries of personification in saying that this year, winter is being very tenacious. It’s like a pit bull that has someone’s arm in its grasp, it’s just refusing to let go.

Here we are, going into our second week in March and it’s still bitterly cold here. And it’s still very windy. And we still have berms by the side of the road that are 3-4 feet high. March, isn’t this the season when the daffodils are supposed to be blooming? Isn’t this the season when the geese reappear? Isn’t this the season when the youngsters start walking around in shorts? I have yet to see any of this. It feels to me like it’s still the first week in February.

Yes I’m getting impatient—the only things that are keeping me sane are the growing amount of daylight and the increasing amount of heat emanating from the sun, usually at midday. Today I braved the elements and got outside. Early this morning Pete and I took Tyra and Hrimmi for a walk around the neighborhood loop. Pete walked Tyra and I rode Hrimmi bareback. She inspires this sort of confidence. She’s like a couch. I could ride her sideways, put some

cushions and pillows on her, and not fall off.

I later rode Raudi with a saddle. She does not instill the sort of confidence that Hrimmi does. I have yet to figure out why this is. I got out at 2 p.m. and by then it was blowing some. I first did what I’m now calling Driveway Agility with her, and then went for a road ride to the Murphy Road turn. On the way back I worked on walk/trot/stop transitions. Raudi did quite well and though a chill was setting in, I did just fine too.

I then took Raudi around our neighborhood loop. I hopped off of her right before getting to the Fithian’s place. I had this odd feeling that something was going on there and I was right. The little Fithian urchins were out and about (as was their un-neutered Irish Wolfhound Knucklehead cross). The kids were bandying giant inner tubes about. I think they were preparing to launch them down the driveway. I walked Raudi past this ho ha because I wasn’t going to risk having them spook her. Once past the mayhem, I got back on Raudi and resumed riding.

Arrived home, put Raudi away, took Tinni out, Ryder out, and went for a long walk on the adjacent snowmobile trails. No one was out, most likely because of the inclement weather. Nearly went all the way to Grizzly Camp. Tomorrow I might take Raudi out on the trail.

Returned home again, did chores, then did driveway agility with Hrimmi. This month’s courses are mercifully easy, more tactical stuff and less footwork to do. So, I am thinking that we’ll again be kicking butt this months.

All I can say is that we are another day closer to spring, whenever that may be.

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