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March 1, 2017: March, In Like a Lion

Now I fully understand the first part of this two-part phrase, the other part being out like a lamb. At this point in time, I can’t imagine the end of the month being warm, sunny, mild, and windless.

The weather here today is about as wretched as it has ever been. And I feel as wretched as I have ever been. I recall being sick in 1999 – I had a bladder infection and high fever – I was then delirious. I am not now that sick, but I am sick. Combine my sorry state of affairs with the weather’s sorry state of affairs and then try imagine what it was like for me, attempting to do afternoon chores.

That which is usually easy was extremely difficult. It was like being an Everest climber at high altitudes, one with low reserves. Pete usually leaves the water bucket sled by the horse gate—and I usually bring it back up and if need be, take down additional water. This morning he did bring it back up to the cabin, so I had to make an additional trip to and from the cabin to the horse barn.

In realizing that this was something that I must do, I began simultaneously crying, sneezing and coughing up phlegm. I got a bit panicky when the phlegm got caught in my throat because I momentarily could not breathe. I calmed myself down and began breathing through my mouth. That worked.

Add to this, the either bored or nutrient deprived ponies are chewing the fence rails, so I had to cut them some branches. This necessitated my standing in waist deep drifts.

It’s been a good day for inside, sit down work. I resumed work on my goat project – I revised four poems. I was pleased to determine that the revisions made things clearer and eliminated excess verbiage. I know from experience that second drafts of poems are never as good as one first thinks they are. I also sent out two press releases and write a bio for the outside easel.

If the weather was better, I’d be outside and I would not be getting much inside stuff done. So really, the wind and below-zero temperatures are in their own perverse way a blessing. Nevertheless, I am chomping at the bit to work with Raudi on my four-part hula hoop obstacle. I guess that this is going to have to wait. It’s the old glass half-empty/half full cliché at work.

I am sick so seldom that I am a wimp when I’m under the weather. However, as wimpy as I am, I have not dosed myself up with Ibuprofen and decongestants. Colds are just something that have to run their course. A few days ago I did put Icy Hot on my lower back and took a few arnica tablets. Didn’t make any difference doing this.

I have noticed that the older people get, the more health obsessed they become. Too often, I’ve had to listen to elders go on and on and on about their medical issues. Once you’ve heard one story about knee, shoulder, or hip replacement surgery, you’ve heard them all. But here I am, going on and on and on about this, a common cold.

I’m already over the very large hump. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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