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February 24, 2017: A Conversation with Hrimfara fra Lough Arrow II

Last night, at dusk, my friend Heather rode Hrimmi and her son Tyler rode Tinni around the loop. I also would have ridden but I did not want to leave Tyra alone at that hour. After, Heather had good things to say about Hrimmi, which pleased me because we raised her. If she was an idiot, it would have been our doing. This morning I went out and had a conversation with Hrimmi who was her usual easy going self.

Alys: Hey Hrimmi, how are you this morning?
Hrimmi: Quite well, thank you.
A: Remember the phrase: little horses do what big horses do?
H: Yes, you used to say it to me all the time.
A: Then you became a big horse.

Alys and Hrimmi on Grizzly Camp Trail

H: Yes, I became a really big horse. I’m the tallest one in our herd.
A: Yes, you are 14 hands, a really big horse physically. And you are a big horse mentally.
H: I don’t get the mental part.
A: You are thus far a very reliable riding horse.
H: Like Tinni?
A: Yes, you are very much like Tinni.
H: You don’t say!?
A: I do say!
H: Last night my friend Heather rode you in the near dark. You stayed calm the entire time.
H: I did stop quite often. This is what I do when I get nervous. Everything is different on the road, when it’s getting dark. The mother moose and her baby were out, the neighbor had some kind of light on that shone in my eyes, and the footing was icy.
A: Heather said that she felt very confident riding you. You know, I feel the same way.
H: I’m glad to hear this.
A: How do you like your new saddle?
H: It fits me just right. I don’t even notice it.
A: I rode you bareback the other day. Did you notice that?
H: It felt really odd. And I had to be careful because I thought you’d fall off.
A: Come off you and it’s a long ways to the ground.
H: I would prefer you stay put. I’m too tall for you to get on without a mounting block or high ground.
A: And how do you like your bit and bridle?
H: I like both. The bit especially. I can feel the rider’s hands on the reins.
A: Would you like it if we try a sidepull?
H: No. Too little information. Is fine as is.
A: Are you okay with having Pete as your number one rider?
H: I’m okay with it. You and he are opposites. He’s calm, your excitable, he’s stiff, you’re flexible.
A: And you are able to deal with this?
H: Yes.
A: And how do you like your herd mates.
H: Tinni and Raudi are my buddies. They watched me being born. They feel responsible for me. That’s why it was so nice having Tinni along tonight.
A: And Tyra?
H: Oh Tyra. She has some growing up to do.
A: Just like you did once.
H: Yes. But she’s never going to be like me.
A: No, she’s not ever going to be like you.

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