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January 4, 2017 The Home Life: New Year’s Resolution Number Three

The holidays are now behind us (thumbing their noses), and we are well into the New Year. Trees and decorations are coming down. We are all getting down to the business of getting on with our lives. Even I, who eschew holidays, bowed to distracting activities. The year 2017 is now a toddler, an entity (aren’t all children entities?) – and with acceptance has come possibility.

This is quite strange: I, who also eschew resolutions, has come up with another one. Resolution Number Three, to get this place in order. Get rid of things that are cluttering up my life and move on. It takes too much time to deal with stuff I don’t need. I end up spending more time than I have, moving it around, here to there, there to here, and then here to there again.

Darn tootin' this is a mancave!

On New Year’s Eve (!) I cleaned out the bathroom cupboards. And on New Year’s Day I cleaned out the medicine cabinet and sink drawers. The medicine cabinet and sink drawers were not all that bad. However, the bathroom cupboard space was a real surprise, and not a good one. I was overwhelmed by all the stuff that had come to occupy this space. It was mostly guy stuff, space Pete commandeered because the solar inverter, charger, and other stuff is in the upper cupboard.

This is what happens when one lives with a hands-on individual. Pete’s unique in that he isn’t exclusively hands-on. He’s also, like his dad, a philosopher. This all maybe goes with having the last name, Praetorius.

Talk about a nuts and bolts sort of purging – what was I to do with, say, couplers, and female parts? Pete told me that the round, inch around, white pieces of plastic are—couplers, and the packaging indicated the little metal and plastic things with prongs are –female parts. I thought then, and I am still thinking now, that if I didn’t live here that this place would be a man cave. I do not know if I lived elsewhere, but there exists the likelihood that Pete would put No Parking and No Trespassing signs on the cabin door, and paint a skull and crossbones on the door of the black hole. The message to females would then be – No Grrrls allwed.

Woman cave – this term does not in any way resonate with me. So there is no like-term for my workspace, which also is in dire need of a major purging. It’s full of pens, paper clips, envelopes with the names of friends on them, and push pins. I will, when I get done in the bathroom, start working up here. This is going to take quite a while.

I can now see this. Last night I had this idea. I determined that rather than sit and write that I’d stand and write. I pulled my magazine holder boxes off the top of the bookcase and put them on my desk. I then put my computer on the bookcase.

I tried putting my trampoline underfoot. This didn’t work, I was too high up. I’m now standing on a garden kneeling pad. We bought it and a few others for the horses, so that in moving about they become more body aware. Going to try this when it warms up.

I’ve been working for an hour now, and my legs are a little tired. I keep shifting from one leg to the other. Every so often I do a Bones for Life bounce, two bounces, on the heels. I’m moving more so I am going to keep at this and see how it goes.
Alas, I am now also looking outside the upstairs windows, the ones that look out over the woodshed. The sun’s shining brightly – I can see the dog smut on the windows. House purge is going to include cleaning off these windows. There’s also dust on the bookcase.

I could turn my computer around and look out the window that’s now behind me – I’d then have a view of the horse arena. My head, which is looking to the left, would then be looking to the right. I’m going to try this, too. It’s all a big experiment in body awareness.

Pete’s going to CA for five days, leaving tonight. I now know that I won’t get much except maintenance stuff done around here while he’s away.

I now have three resolutions. This is more than enough to work with. Otherwise I’d pat the 2017 baby on the head, say goodbye, shut the door behind me, start walking, and never look back.

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