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December 28, 2017: Over the River and through the Woods

It gets hard to get out of this place. Just habit. Have to break with routine. The routine things take time and it seems like everything has to be done before we go anywhere. And so we have to extricate ourselves, just to go to town, town being Anchorage.

It was really comfortable inside this morning, and cold outside, so our degree of motivation was not off the charts. Add to this, Pete gave me an old sweater of his; he got it when he was travelling in Amsterdam in the early 1980s, before he met me. I tried it on and it felt very comfortable. If we had a fireplace, I would have poured myself a Baileys and hot chocolate and curled up on the couch and

read a book. Perhaps it is a good thing that we do not, for today this was our saving grace. Out the door we headed.

Over the past few days I’d made a lengthy list of places we needed to go and things we needed to get. My lists are nearly indecipherable to me, they are not linear or orderly. But they usually have the essential information and then some.

First stop, local bookstore. They take books and in exchange you get credit. I wanted to be there when they decided what they wanted. They said that they didn’t have the time to do this. Books were returned to car. Second stop, Brit and Gregory’s place. They own Saddle Up arena. Dropped off a book I borrowed from Gregory and talked with Brit about my teaching riding lessons in the near future.

Then on to Costco for groceries. After, to Office Depot for a computer monitor cord – needed in order to finish constructing the standing desk arrangement. Also had loose papers bound.

Oh yeah, and then we traipsed over to Alaska Mill and Feed and picked up a wall thermometer and some bowls for horse supplements. We are done with using used yogurt containers.

Next on our list, the thrift store. Picked up office supplies here. This included a shoebox sized metal box in which I am going to store index cards with my riding lesson plans on them.

It was by now dark. We went to the Natural Pantry grocery store and got arnica for Tinni and more groceries. After, it was a short hop to Title Wave where I again attempted to get credit for books. We were told we were too late to do this. I have this odd feeling that these books wish to remain here. I did purchase a book in which the writer interviews horse owners.

REI is near Title Wave. I had decided I needed a new backpack. I found one that was calling my name – seldom do I see something and say “that’s the one.” I am well aware I’m paying for the name, Patagonia, but I really like this day pack. It is waterproof, feels like it is made of, and looks like, canvas.

Finally, Pete had a gift certificate to the Olive Garden restaurant. Waitress was very accommodating, but the food was so-so.

Got home at 9 p.m., horses greeted us and indicated they were very hungry.

All I can think now is so much for minimalism. Got rid of stuff but got lots more.

End of story.

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