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December 19, 2017: Minimalists

The other night we watched a DVD entitled “Mimimalist.” It was terrible. Essentially, it was about these two approaching middle-aged guys who decided to pare down on their possessions and write a book about it. Then they went around the country promoting their book. They presumably were former corporate executives; although they seemed to me like they were also Trustafarians. I would be more to trust a Zoroaster.

There was no reference to poor people, who are the ultimate minimalists, nor was there any reference to those who recycle. It was just plain bad.

But, the movie did strike a chord in me. I had been thinking for some time that I needed to pare down some – I have been feeling like I am awash in clutter. The other night I woke Pete and voiced my dismay about many things that I have been unhappy about, but at the heart of the matter was the fact that I have been feeling too weighed down by my possessions.

What to do? The past few days I have been going through stuff and getting rid of that which I do not need. At the same time, I have been organizing what I do need. I have been making progress – my clothes are now sorted out. And I have set aside some books for the local used bookstore. I

will turn in ten books – more than that and they tend to undercut your funding for future books. I also set aside a load for the thrift store. And in addition, a load for the landfill. Some things I own I have worn out – the thrift store would not want them.

This is a good thing to do during the holiday season – usually this is when stuff comes in rather than goes out. I already feel lighter – and also more organized. As I am writing this I am eyeballing the corner bookcase to my right. As soon as I finish this dispatch I am going to go through it – this may be more of a reorganizational effort than toss out effort because there are books on the subject of gardening here – and they belong in the lower bookcase.

Archival material, like old calendars with dates on them. These are not throw-aways. I will put them in my lower cabin and in the spring find a suitable storage place for them. I also want to go through the DVDs and figure out which ones I want to watch this winter.

Pete and I have been working on plans for a standing desk for me. I have been working with my computer on the bookcase in front of me. The problem is that I write on a lap top so there is no way in which I can get my hand and eye height standing. So we think that somewhere, we have an extra keyboard.

Standing while working is going really well. But I am bending my neck to see the screen and this is why the area between my scapulas is so tight.

Less is better. Today this is my mantra.

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