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November 29, 2017: Sometimes, Do You Find it Difficult to Move?

I refuse to live in the past, though sometimes past memories surface and attach themselves to present-day situations. Like today. I was having a difficult time getting motivated to do all that needed to be done. The inertia of my spirit was like a heavy blanket that someone tossed over my head. Writing-wise, I was just putzing around, making calls, setting up interviews, but not working (as I should) on the Thermo-Kool draft.

At some point a distant memory surfaced. When I was attending Cobleskill Ag and Tech I hung out with a group of very cool, creative, and unassuming people. All were into partying and having a good time. I was more into doing my schoolwork because I feared failing and ending back

Alys and Raudi on the bench

up in Rochester, NY. However, I would every so often hang out with these individuals, some of whom lived above the local bar, called The Vault.

One of the favorite winter past-times was called traying. We took trays from the school cafeteria and used them for sledding. The first semester of my second year, it snowed really hard, and so, right before finals, we all headed for the hills. Some had been drinking and some had drink on them. I was not drinking. There was this one fellow, his name was Dave Stoller – he was a very witty guy. I had a crush on him as did many other women, most more beautiful than I. I recall that he went down a steep hill and ended up in a snowbank, and for the longest time didn’t move. Someone waded over to him and asked him if he was okay. He looked up at the person and said “sometimes, do you find it difficult to move?”

This was a classic line, uttered at just the right moment. It wasn’t the last time he said it – and soon, it was said in reference to his name.

This afternoon, as I was deliberating about what to do – the phrase and the incident that brought it about came back to mind. This made me smile. It also got me to thinking that yes, sometimes moving, which is difficult, is just something you have to do.

So I put on my winter coat and went outside. I figured that I’d first take Raudi and Tinni for a walk and then, after, Hrimmi and Tyra. I had to force myself to do this, just because I was feeling unmotivated. I began feeling a bit more energized when I got onto the trail. My plan was to walk Tinni and let Raudi off-lead, as I’ve been doing with Tyra. Well, Raudi, who has a mind of her own, dashed off. I went to clip her to the lead and Tinni took off. Raudi then pulled the lead out of my hand and followed him.

I was not at all bothered by this. I’m light years beyond understanding why Raudi does what she does when she does it. I just deal. So I went back home and put Tinni away. You cannot ever teach a horse a lesson. They live in the present and haven’t a clue about bad behavior. So I put the saddle and bridle on Raudi and took her for a ride, a long ride, up and down the bench. Going up, I walked her where it was steep, and rode her where it was not. And I walked her going downhill. It was an energizing outing – once we were on the trail, I was glad I did it.

Sometimes do you find it difficult to move? Yes.

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