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November 25, 2017: Trail Blazing Fools

Pete and I have decided that we’ll be doing another trip the summer after this one. Knowing that we will be doing this will give us the incentive to remain (yes remain) frugal and get our debts paid off. We have about a thousand dollars left to pay on our trailer.

I am now starting to get ready for this trip, by getting myself in shape. I have been doing a lot of walking/jogging on the trails. Today, for the first time, I felt like my efforts had not been in vain. Pete and I took Hrimmi and Tyra out on our trails. Pete was dubious about my proposed plan – I suggested that he ride Hrimmi and that I would let Tyra run free and run and walk. He said that he thought that if we did this, that Hrimmi would attempt to take off after Tyra. I assured him that if this were the

case that I would put Tyra back on her lead line.

I let Tyra go on the trail heading to Siggi’s trail. Pete, Hrimmi, and Ryder were ahead of me. We don’t have much snow on the trails, so they are a challenge running wise. I set out behind the gang. Hrimmi stopped so I got ahead of her. Tyra ran off into the adjacent field. Pete, Hrimmi, Ryder and I kept going. Tyra joined us.

The order varied at times, but we all walked/trotted/ran Peaches’ Loop, Tin Can, and Siggi’s Trail. Tyra was her usual energetic self. And Hrimmi was energized by the activity, which is what I hoped would happen. Hrimmi needs to be energized.

It was a great outing except for the fact that I hurt the bottom of my foot, near the heel. After our ride I accompanied Pete and Tinni around the loop – Pete wanted to try out his new running shoes. I should not have attempted to keep up but I did. Now, once again, I may pay the price for the next few days. Standing on it is no big deal, but it hurts when I move about. I have my fingers crossed that this is just a blip and that I did not injure myself seriously. At least it is not my knee. And on the up side of things, my left shoulder is doing well – I again have full range of motion.

Tonight I am going through my movement studies books and doing pelvis exercises. Could be some connection between my pelvis and the bottom of my foot – you just never know.

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