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November 19, 2017: Move Along Little Doggies

In one respect, I am quite lucky. This is that I don’t have time to dwell on things. If I lived alone I would do this. Those times when I am alone, I do obsess about things; until someone comes along and gets me thinking about other things. Our neighbor Jim is like this – he has been wanting power to come to the hood for many years. All conversations with him lead back to this topic.

Today, walking Tinni, there were few car tracks on the road. This got me to thinking how having power in the hood would change this area dramatically. We watch people who don’t have their act together come and go. Power would not enable them to fully have their act together but it would enable them to have enough of their act together. It would not be as quiet around here as it is now.

If I lived alone, I would be obsessing about last night and running the events through my mind again and again and again. It really was a waste of my time and I was angry. This morning, our friend Bill Schmidtkunz came over. Last year he read a poem at the Sutton Alaska Prairie Home Companion. Not this year. He foresaw that like last year, this year would not be funny. And so even though he lives close by to the place where this event was taking place, the Sutton Library, he stayed home. Pete who did the lights also kept a safe distance away, as did my friend Betty Pierce,

who too was going to have nothing to do with this event.

Anyhow, over pancakes, I ranted and raved to Bill and Pete who just laughed. This momentarily raised my ire. But just momentarily. As they laughed, I saw the humor in the situation and was no longer angry about it.

Should the director ever call me (and most likely she won’t), I will tell her what my thoughts on this matter are because otherwise, I would be duplicitous. This is going to be difficult because she’s a really nice person and has worked really hard to keep the production going. I mean, think of all the people who do nothing but complain about the lack of entertainment resources in a given area. She has managed to put this together and keep it going now for five years or so.

There were some truly funny acts, which is wheat in with the chaff. But there was more chaff than wheat. Therein lies one problem. The other problem was that no new blood has been incorporated into the program. It’s the same old, same old – and there are no young people involved.

Some would say that I should volunteer and work at making this production better. Problem is, I do not have the time. I can’t allow myself to be distracted from the project that I’m now working on, the recycling book. And I need to continue to spend time with the horses. And there is my movement science work. My plate is full and there is no room for much else.

Whoa. I just spent a second day writing about this. Maybe, just maybe, continuing to mull this over was a good thing. I figured out what it is that I need to do. Move on, move on, move on – moooo.

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