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November 16, 2017: Under the Weather`

I totally understand this apt analogy. Today it’s most fitting. After close to two weeks of much-needed sunshine, it’s overcast and snowing. The snow is light—we are supposed to get a few inches. I have my fingers crossed because more snow means more snowmobilers on the trail, and they are a loud, smelly nuisance.

And so, I am under the cloud cover and at the same time feeling curiously unmotivated. It’s one of those days when it is going to take a bit more energy to get work done. And summoning this energy is going to require that I draw upon my inner reserves. It is right now a matter of focusing on the positives.

There was a Centered Riding teleconference this morning. I participated. There was an echo, so I could not hear much. I did hear a lot of congratulating and there was a lot of back-slapping at this, the annual meeting. We had been told via email prior to this meeting that if we had concerns to later send them to the proper committee. I know that mine will never be addressed and this depressed me.

The organization is suffering from what Pete calls “Founder’s Syndrome,” that is those who founded it want things to stay the way they are, in this case in order to honor the legacy of Sally Swift.

I forced myself to move on – after I got out off the phone I went off in search of Pete and Hrimmi and Ryder, who went out on a morning jaunt. I went the opposite way around the loop and caught up with them as they were coming off-trail, and headed home. All three were a ways a way. I whistled and all heard me. Pete walked towards me. I yelled at him to let Hrimmi off-lead. She cantered directly to me. This was huge – Moo Moo was moving of her own volition. This means that what we’ve been doing with her – all the groundwork and movement work – is doing her a world of good. This, I thought, is what I need to focus on.

And too, I forced myself to think about my immediate future plans. I am most likely going to take a kinesiology class in Anchorage. The class meets two days a week, 1-4 p.m. in Anchorage. I’ll have to drive to the park and ride lot, take a commuter van to Anchorage, and the city bus to the University, then do the same in reverse. This will take up most of Tuesdays and Thursdays. Add to this, traffic tie-ups because of inclement weather. But I am excited about learning more about movement science. There is only so much I can do on my own.

I will, in a few minutes here, resume work on my book chapter about Suzy Crosby, who filled me on goat doings. This is going to complement the information in the three dispatches that I wrote about Stormy.

And after I do some body awareness work, I’ll get the horses out. Might do a longer ride today on Raudi.

Full steam ahead, with the operative word here being ahead. I have a choice – I can either dwell on things that I don’t perceive as right or I can forge ahead. It’s a very hard thing for me to do – but, well, I am doing the latter.

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