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November 15, 2017: Bits and Pieces

I read somewhere, I think it was in the Move Your DNA book but I am not sure – that those who get the most done are those who take on multiple tasks and spend an adequate time working on each. I think this is where I read this. I am very fortunate in that my days are my own. I do not have anyone scheduling my time or telling me what to do. The one single drawback is that I don’t have a steady income. In this respect I am dependent upon my very significant other.

Because my days are my own, I have to figure out what things that I’m going to do on a given day, and then prioritize those things. In essence, I live a very

autonomous lifestyle. This is why I sometimes am not all that efficient. I squander time – if I had a real job if I would undoubtedly squander less time.

I have three sets of balls that I’m currently juggling. The first is the book project. The second is the horse project. And the third is the movement project. I don’t feel like there’s enough time in the day to devote to any of these things –but this is just the way it is.

The body awareness work – coming along. I’m going through the Dynamic Alignment book really slowly, reading the chapters carefully, making notes, and doing the exercises. Then I put it all together afterwards. I even came up with some of my own exercises today, one of which is toss tennis balls into supplement container, first with one hand and then the other. Soon, I will start cataloging exercises and figuring out how horseback riders might use them.

The book – coming along. Sent a draft of my landfill essay on to Butch, the fellow I interviewed. I asked him in an email if Pete and I might be given a tour. A description of the landfill will make my work all that much more interesting.

The horses – coming along. Today I spent a half-hour with Raudi, Hrimmi, and Tinni, in the Playground of Higher Learning. Did agility and Intrinzen work with Raudi and Hrimmi. Raudi’s attitude was that I put the halter on me and let’s do some clicker training. She wasn’t up for the autonomous work. So we worked on stepping on a supplement lid with her left foot – she got it – and backing while I stood in place – she got it. Hrimmi’s attitude was I’ll do what you want off lead, for treats. It’s tough because shaping for agility and rewarding autonomous behavior seem to be at odds with one another. For instance, I am working with her on the panther walk, which involves striking and moving forward – and I am working with her on standing on the bucket lid, which involves first stomping on it. How to go about doing these things requires more thought on my part. And Tinni – did some body work, which he enjoyed – must do more.

Next took Tyra for a walk up the bench, going the long way around. Let her off line. It became a game, her running off and then returning to get a treat. I think she was trying to scare herself. What a beautiful sight, her dark red coat lit up the low lying sun.

This evening, worked on the goat chapters of my book. Is far easier than the landfill chapters. I suspect that the upcoming recycling interviews will also be easy in that they will be comprehensible.

Last thing this evening – this dispatch. Going in a few minutes to kick back and do some reading, which is before doing evening chores.

If I can say at the conclusion of a day that I’m fortunate in that my days are my own, well then, yes, I am fortunate.

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