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November 11, 2017: We Make Our Own Reality

This is what I was thinking, as tonight, at near dusk, I walked Tinni around the loop. He moves slowly, so I have a lot of time to think. In fact, he moves so slowly that in the evenings, there can be a 10 degree temperature drop. Brrrrrrrrrr.

This matter of making one’s own reality – we see people come and go here, some have their act together and some do not. It’s pretty easy to tell who isn’t going to make it. Like the Fithians, moved into his parent’s place, had eight kids, lots of animals, lots of vehicles, lots of disorganization. Didn’t make it.

Or down the road, at Yvonne’s place, this is the place that has the painted rocks out front. An RV appeared some time ago, parked sideways, next to the road. In the past few weeks someone built an attached shelter-must be a woodstove inside because there is a smoke stack and puffs of smoke are coming out of it. There is plastic on the RV and the new structure; the plastic that flaps around in the wind. Whoever it is that is occupying this dwelling isn’t going to make it.

And down at Rafter-T’s, a similar situation – someone supposedly is buying Chad’s plywood palace – and is working on fixing it up or moving out cars or both, late at night. I keep watching the smoke stack – apparently Jim, who used to live across the street, went over there and took the door off the woodstove and tossed it in the woods. Pete looked up the information and determined that Chad (the property owner) has not sold the place and back taxes are due. These people aren’t going to make it.

Is it really that hard to live without a conventional electricity source? I guess so. But today I got to thinking that, yes, people do make their own reality. Our reality is quite good because we’ve made it this way. We’ve been able to prioritize and figure out what needed to be done, and done it. We have a nice horse facility, three gardens, and a woodshed filled with wood. We are more than comfortable, and so are our animals. At the height of the season we have milk and eggs and berries and vegetables.

Today was a beautiful day - -the sun again shone brightly – this morning, as I was cleaning up, I watched the first morning rays come over the distant peaks. I then looked away and went back to poop scooping. When I again looked up, I was blinded by sunlight – the sun had risen over the mountain.

We worked with Hrimmi, first in the arena, doing crunches and panther walk and going through obstacles. We then did this with her in harness and poles tied to her harness. She wasn’t wanting to move in the arena, so we took her around the loop. She stops when she gets concerned. She stopped at Yvonne’s place and moved around a bit.

We got her going again. The fellow at Fence Emporium fixed the cart - - did a beautiful welding job and even painted the work he did green, the color of the cart. We’ll next have Hrimmi pull a tire around. If she does well with this, and she will, we’ll have her pull the cart. I think this is going to be an easy sell.

I rode Raudi and Pete rode Tyra on the trail. Tyra was a bit slow – I think it is her low energy time. Plus she needs her own tack. I hope my reality includes getting her her own bridle and saddle.

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