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November 10, 2017: Gang of Four

I started out with one horse, Raudi. Siggi made two. Tinni made three. Signy made four. Hrimmi made five. Siggi died, back down to four. Signy died, back down to three. Tyra made four. This is where we are at now. Raudi wants to have a baby, which if this came to be would make for five again.

We are going to continue to have a Gang of Four. I remember when we had the first gang of three – Raudi, Tinni, and Siggi – they were a tight bunch. And I remember the second gang of three, Raudi, Tinni, and Hrimmi. They were as close as three horses could be.

Integrating Tyra into the herd was a tough proposition because the second gang of three did not want an interloper. It took well over a year before Tyra was accepted by the others. She’s now a part of the gang of four. But she’s still most definitely the odd one out – the one who gets chased away from the hay pile if there is too little of it or if the others are really hungry. But most of the time they eat companionably. And they travel en masse when in the yard.

I am glad we got Tyra – she has a wonderful disposition and is very agreeable. I can also take her anywhere, by herself. Today, after lunch, I took her on the trail up the bench and then down the other side. This is the low energy time for our horses because they are putting their energy into growing their coats and putting on the fat layer that is going to get them through the winter. But I am getting them out because exercise is good for them and good for me.

It was a great walk – the sun, as it is this time of year, was low in the sky and casting long shadows. It was windless. And there was about two inches of fresh snow on the trail, which made the walk less rutty.

I wasn’t sure what the far portion of the loop was going to be like – it has been rutty and slippery. Turns out it was excellent going. The snow layer cushioned the ground, as it had on the way up. We followed a set of dog tracks that were going up. Once at the bottom we navigated one partially open icy creek – Tyra stopped, took a drink of water then continued on; crunching and breaking through the ice, which didn’t bother her. We next came to the pond overflow – we skirted around it – she had to go down a steep hill and over another icy creek. She did hesitate on the downhill – but over she went.

Kudos today, too, to Hrimmi. We put the harness on her and I drove her on the trails, behind Raudi. We had trouble with a few tight turns (my doing) but otherwise she moved right along, choosing on Siggi’s loop to be out front.

Lastly, I took Tinni for an amble around the loop.

I am so lucky to have the gang of four. Never a day goes by when this does not come to mind.

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