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November 8, 2017: Self Study

Lately I’ve been attempting to learn as much as I can about the nature of movement and about ideokinesis. I have been doing this at home, mainly by reading and mainly by thinking about what I’ve been reading. I feel tonight as though I have hit an impasse – this means I need to take a break from it all for a bit.

I have been studying about first, second, and third class levers – I understand how levers work, but I do not yet see how this

concept works in relation to the human body. And I don’t yet see the placement of the psoas muscles. Maybe this all isn’t that important. I actually think it is for the more you can see the more you can envision.

Nice, though, to be reading Katy Bowman’s Movement Matters and Move your DNA while doing the exercises in Eric Franklin’s Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery book. Bowman’s books have provided me with a rationale for movement while the Franklin book has provided me with a means of releasing tension and getting myself back in alignment. So I am doing the Franklin exercises and getting out and about.

Today Pete and I took Tinni and Tyra for a walk on Siggi’s trail. Then, after, I took Hrimmi for a walk up and down the bench trails. I suspect that if I wasn’t in half-way decent shape I would not have considered this.

It wasn’t easy – the going got tough when we decided to go up what is now the ATV trail. It was rutted and slippery. I kept falling all over. And Hrimmi walked off when she was off-lead, so I kept her on-lead. But we did it – with me stopping at times to do a pelvic and withers rock on her. Interestingly, this got her unstuck.

I realized something really important about Hrimmi at the conclusion of our hike. Pete had mentioned to me that she’s ratcheting – that is, she is in the midst of a growth spurt, as is evident when one looks at her from the side. Her hindquarters are (right now) higher than her forequarters – meaning she might yet grow another two inches. This was a reminder that she’s only five – Icelandic horses continue to grow until they are six years old. So given her size (big and bulky), it’s no wonder that she is sometimes slow and hesitant. I do feel, though, that we are doing right by her. The agility, the Intrinzen work, and the trail walks are doing her a world of good. And now I am adding the pelvic and wither rock exercises into the mix.

I am doing the above-mentioned human and horse body work. And at the same time, I’m working on If You Come to a Fork in the Road Pick it Up. Right now I have three interviews to write up – I have talked with Pamella Meekin, Bruce Shapiro, and today Suzy Crosby. And now I need to get what they said to me on paper. Still attempting to get work done in the evening it’s difficult but not impossible.

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