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November 7, 2017: Woods Walk

The ability to balance activity and solitude, noise and quietness, is an excellent means of tapping into our inner creative resources. The secret of truly successful, creative people may well be that they learn very early in life not to be that busy. -- Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries

And yet another sunny day. And yet another day in which I decided to spend time outside with the horses. After doing my body awareness work, Pete and I went for a ride, me on Raudi, him on Hrimmi. Trails are hard, uneven, not easy for the horses who once in a while stumble. But I did get Raudi to move out on the upper part of Siggi’s trail.

Later, took Tinni for a walk around the loop – I worked at focusing on him. He’s moving really slowly. I think that acupuncture is going to help.

After a trip to town, I took Tyra out on our trails. It was getting late. I was determined to get her out. More and more I am convinced that getting the horses out, without riders, and letting them move of their own volition is very good for them. And it’s also good for the person who is accompanying them.

Being off-lead is an autonomous activity since the horse gets to move at their own pace. And the horse also gets

(limitedly) to pick his or her route. If, say, Tyra elects to take an easier route, this is just fine with me. She’s using her own mind in figuring this out, and consequently building new neural pathways.

Some might wonder if Tyra might decide to think in a more autonomous fashion while under saddle. Yes, limitedly. She has a few times taken shortcuts. I have let her do this because she ends up where the other horse is, on the trail. It has been limited, and I don’t see this as a problem. She’s aware that she has a rider on her back and that the rider is determining where she is to go.

I truly believe that autonomous training makes the horse more confident when under saddle. It also strengthens the horse physically since the back is not having to carry the load. And additionally, it creates a bond that might not be there otherwise.

I looked forward to our outings. And tomorrow, I hope to do the same with Hrimmi. This is quite the sacrifice, time-wise, because I am not getting my writing done. Doing the work in the evening isn’t working. I need to do what I need to do with a fresh mind. What to do? Well, tomorrow I am going to have to bite the bullet and do my writing in the morning. I have two interviews to write up.

I do know that I’m on the right track in the approach that I’m taking, which is spending more time in the woods. Tonight I was reading about the benefits of hiking – it’s like hitting a reset button. Task negative activities provide one with much-needed perspective and also to think in a more creative fashion.

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