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November 5, 2017: I Hereby Resolve . . .

I don’t know if what I am thinking what I ought to do is going to fly. Wrong Brothers, first birds to walk. Thanks Dad, wherever you are. I was thinking that because there is now so little light that I would spend daylight time with the animals and the nightlight time with my computer.

In theory, good. In practice, bad. I was out most of the day – I first did my imagery exercises and then got out and took Raudi for a ride. Or rather, she took me for a ride. We got about an inch of snow last night, not the slush we got last week but real snow, a bit lighter, easier to move. I rode Peaches Trail, Tin Can, and Siggi’s Loop. The trail conditions were so-so –

there was not enough snow on the hard packed frozen trail, so Raudi had a tougher time of it than she would have had otherwise. And I fell down coming home. Ice under snow.

But the up side was that the sun was shining on the snowy branches – it was quite beautiful. Made me glad that I live here, as did the presence of a visitor who really appreciated our place. When I got back from my ride, Pete said that Pam Meekin, my boss at the Alaska State Fair, was coming over. Pete went inside, cleaned the place (he called it performing triage), and I stayed outside and cleaned up the horse pen.

We finished right as Pam pulled up. It was a fun two hours. She came with family photos and an old Milepost and told us a bit more about her family history. I hope that we get together with her again soon.

She left far too soon. The sun was still shining, so Pete and I got Tyra and Hrimmi out. The cart is in the shop, being welded. We put the harness on Hrimmi and took her around the loop. She moved out, very purposefully. It was not like when she was younger and she moved in an aimless fashion. And she stopped to eat when we came upon a moose and her calf.

I next took Tinni for a woods walk. By then it was getting dark. I still had to clean the goat pen and also the horse pen (again), so I didn’t finish the early evening chores until after dark.

So here I am, just sat down to do my regular work. There’s this. And I am going to work on my eBook for a while. I have to write up my interview with Pam – this is going to be tough because she has done just about everything imaginable as an Alaska State Fair employee. Tomorrow – I go to town and interview Butch Shapiro, who is in charge of the local landfill.

I’ll get this done because . . . I hereby resolve. . .

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