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November 1, 2017: The Holy Day of Obligation

Does this being a Holy Day of Obligation mean that I am beholden to someone? I can’t imagine who I might be obligated to, or for what reason. I am not going to look this up – I would prefer not to know. Off with religious chains and shackles that only cause undo irritation and hardship.

A really good day because I did what I wanted to do. I worked for a while this morning on “If you Come to a Fork in the Road Pick it Up” and made revisionary notes on my document. So far, the document seems to be holding together. It could stay as it is, but I suspect that there are going to be additional changes. Pete suggested this morning that I talk to Butch who is in charge of goings on at the landfill.

This is actually the most important piece of the puzzle because it has inscribed on it the reasons as to why recycling is going on at the Alaska State Fair. My fear is that he will have so much information that I will not know what to do with it all. This is going to be huge. But I have to follow up on this. Otherwise I am going to have a flimsy document.

Then tonight I got to thinking that perhaps I should also interview Hobo Jim, a local entertainer who has been a fair fixture for many years. Oh my. And of course I am going to locate Suzy Crosby tomorrow – she’s the one in charge of local entertainment at the Alaska State Fair.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with Pam Meekin, who is charge of the Alaska State Fair recycling effort, and also is in charge of the vendors and exhibits. She will (I hope) provide me with some direction.

This thing is wanting to be a book. This got me to thinking – I have been stymied by my inability to finish any book-length works in the past few years. I think that this is because I have regarded such efforts as being above and beyond my abilities. What I produce has to be better than good. And I have thought that I simply cannot do that.

This project was originally a series of dispatches. A good thing I think, because I first wrote about what I discovered during my two-week stint as an Alaska State Fair Recycling Supervisor. (Thank you Donald Murray for teaching me that it is most important to write for surprise). And after, I began branching off and determining what it is that others know about the subject matter.

The Alaska State Fair is a pretty big deal at our end of the world. I never gave the matter any thought before – I could not see the forest because of the trees. This book is going to bring attention to the fair and all that’s involved in one aspect of it, recycling.

I get overwhelmed in thinking about it. I am going to have to take this a step at a time. Tomorrow, a single step, interview and talk with Pam.

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