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October 30, 2017: Winter Approaches

I am feeling as if winter is breathing down my neck. It’s a cold breath, slightly moist. I keep pulling up the collar of my latest thrift store find – an older, black Carhartt jacket. It’s not quite on its lips – I give it a year or two. It’s heavy, warm enough. It is not waterproof.

I am not sure how I feel about the approaching snowfall onslaught. I think that I’m thinking that the longer it holds off the better. The ATVers have put away their machines for now, and the snowmobilers have not yet taken them up. It’s a much needed lull.

Yesterday I was going up Jim’s Road and a fellow and his son were cutting down trailside brush with a chainsaw and piling it next to the trail. I asked the chainsaw operator why he was doing this and I did not get a response. He merely snarled at me and revved his engine. Then today I heard that same, very loud chainsaw going down near the pond going to Grizzly Camp.

I suspect that the individual who was doing the cutting yesterday was doing the cutting today. And I suspect that he’s clearing the trails for the snowmobilers. The loud noise was a reminder. Once it snows they will be

out in force – and riding will be way less fun. There is mainly the noise to contend with. And we won’t be able to be out on the main trails. A pity. So for now, I am content to get out between rain storms.

Today my friend Terri Mielke came over with Joe, her savvy trail horse. He’s a large, rangy, dark bay Tennessee Walker with a blaze and a snip on his nose and a very long thin neck. Terri left her less trail savvy horse Patrick at home. I was glad – I knew that Joe would be good company for Raudi.

And he was excellent company. We rode our trails, talking companionably the entire way. We came back on the upper loop road – and I gave Terri the neighborhood tour. She’s ridden here before, but for some reason we don’t give the tour when we ride with groups.

Raudi did wonderfully – on the way home she was energetic. The RV framework extension project at Yvonne’s continues. It was being covered with white flappy plastic when we passed. The horses paid it no mind. As I told Raudi, it’s just like the agility tunnel. Nice, to be on a reliable animal and to be with another reliable animal.

I often wish I had someone around here to ride with; just one other person would be enough. I often think of how nice it would be if that person had a few Icelandic horses. But isn’t that the way life is, get one thing and you want another.

I don’t feel that way about snow. After writing this I realized that I really don’t want it. I’m content for things to remain as they are – the prospect of snowmachiners whizzing past fills me with a sense of dread.

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