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October 29, 2017: Raudi Puts in Yet another Request for a Baby

The following conversation took place this afternoon, as I clearing the front stall mats of slush, manure, sawdust, and hay. Tinni was out in the paddock, by himself. The three mares alternated talking and Jonesing with me for more hay.

Tyra: Raudi says she wants to have a baby.
Alys: Oh really?
Hrimmi: This is old news.
Tyra: Old news, new news, we hear the same thing every day.
Alys: Raudi, everyone is speaking for you. What do you think?
Raudi: Hay’s almost gone. Need more.

Alys: No. You have been eating all day long.
Tyra: She’s practicing eating for two.
Hrimmi: She doesn’t need to practice.
Raudi: Aren’t you all hungry?
Hrimmi: I’m always hungry.
Tyra: I’m always hungry.
Hrimmi: Tyra, how could you be hungry? You’re so small.
Tyra: I have a fast metabolism.
Alys: Hrimmi and Tyra, do you also want foals?
The two in unison: No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o.
Tyra: There’s plenty of time for that.
Raudi: I should have a baby now. My biological clock is ticking.
Alys: Raudi, we have had this conversation many, many times before. In order for me to arrange for a breeding for you we need more space. And we need more money so we can buy additional hay for your offspring.
Hrimmi: There are also veterinary and farrier costs.
Tyra: And Alys would also have to purchase tack. I don’t yet have a really nice saddle. She’s going with the old treeless.
Raudi: You two, who’s side are you on, anyways?
Hrimmi: Yours. But like Alys, were are just thinking practically.
Raudi: It would not be my offspring you’d be feeding. It would be my baby.
Alys: Okay, we’d need money to buy hay for your baby.
Raudi: You could always cut costs by feeding Hrimmi and Tyra less. Look at them, how fat they are.
Hrimmi: It’s winter fat. It is going to keep me warm until spring.
Tyra: Sure beats having to wear a blanket.
Hrimmi: I’ll say.
Alys: Raudi, it appears as though for now that you’ve been outvoted.
Raudi: Look, just go and get me some more hay.
Alys: And what about when it comes of age? Who will we sell it to? I could not in good conscious sell your offspring.
Raudi: It’s not my offspring. It’s my baby. And she’ll continue to live here with four of us. Right Uncle Tinni?
Tinni (from at the distance) if it’s a girl she stays. If it’s a boy he goes. Don’t want no more males around here. My herd is just fine the way it is.
Hrimmi: Oh brother.
Tyra: Just leave the old geezer alone.
Alys: If we keep her then I’d have to tend to five horses. Look. I’m horse poor. I need a dental bridge and a hearing aid and a new car.
Tyra: You are horse rich!
Raudi: If I have a foal you’ll be even more rich.
Alys: Raudi, I am really sorry. But no new foals are going to be born here in the immediate future. Things are fine the way they are right now. Let’s just do as we’ve been doing and continue to enjoy one another’s company.
Raudi: Think things will ever change?
Alys: Raudi, change is a constant so anything can happen. If a foal is what you want, in time a foal is what you’ll get. This will come about in its own time.
Tyra: Just so long as. . .
Hrimmi: the hay remains plentiful.
Tyra: Yes, that’s what’s most important and is going to remain the most important.
Raudi: Agreed. Want. More. Hay. No-o-o-o-o-o-w.

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