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October 25, 2016: Gray Day

Overcast. The best one can do on a day like this is get out and enjoy being outside. It takes considerable energy to motivate and get out the door and do fun things. For me, fun things is playing with and riding the horses. On days like this, when I do get out, I regret those days (and there are many) when I failed to take advantage of the good weather and instead worked around the place. Grr, grr, grr.

Today, I rallied. I got my lazy ass out the door in the late afternoon. (Oh yes I did.) I didn’t, as I usually do, have a plan. I ended up first riding Hrimmi around the loop, bareback. This was good for her and good for me.

Hrimmi is very steady eddy. On the Lower Road, she glanced over at the shrieking speed skating ice skaters. Neighbor Kirby and son Raven. Kirby, who is in his 40s, and has an eight-year old, has been reliving the childhood he never had, by building skateboard ramps and the like, and putting these sorts of things to use. His daughter who is six-years old, she stood watching her brother and father. Mother’s living the life she wants to lead, is working.

On the Upper Road, Hrimmi glanced at the new building project – Pancho (neighbor) is constructing a frame dwelling close to the road, attaching it to an RV that appeared there a few months ago and has not been moved. And moments later, she glanced over at the construction equipment that’s being used to tear up the area around the dome house. In all instances, Hrimmi assessed the situation, determined that it was no threat to her, and moved on. Her being so level headed makes riding her bareback fun.

Once we were on the home front, I worked with her in the Playground – did crunches, chased the noodle and did some panther walking, walked over the fallen tunnel, stood for a bit on the matt, and did some carrot crunches. All in a day’s work for this girl.

I next took Tyra out. It was by then starting to get dark. Once again, I didn’t get out soon enough. It’s hard getting used to the fact that daylight disappears earlier – it always takes me by surprise. Tyra did wonderfully navigating the trails. If the weather holds, tomorrow I might do some semi-serious bushwacking with her.

I did not get Raudi or Tinni out. Overcast, blustery, snowing, sleeting, rain, they are getting out tomorrow at midday. Making sure that they get exercise is my responsibility and I must do a better job of rising to the occasion.

The next few days are going to be a bit more difficult time-wise because Pete is heading off early for school and tomorrow evening will be heading to California. I am trying hard to be supportive and encouraging about this, but it’s difficult. No, there is never a good time for him to go, so now is the time.

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