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October 24, 2017: Bushwacking 101

It’s near winter here now. Got that light dusting of snow on the ground. Breezy out. Overcast. Felt today like we could get a dumping. I did not want to go outside because it was warm inside. But having horses who needed exercise turned out to be a motivator. It always is. Without them to care for, I might not some days go any further than the outhouse.

Pete and I made yet another video of Hrimfara doing agility. We were not pleased with the others. She equates the playground setting with a good time – she trotted right up there. She did just fine this time, stopping every so often to do crunches and push the ball around. After, I put away the October obstacles and

marveled at the fact that having the Playground and shed makes agility training so easier. I used to set up the course and take it down in the paddock. I also did individual obstacles in the driveway.

After, Pete and I went for a ride. He rode Hrimmi and ponied Tinni and I rode Tyra. I was not dressed for this ride and did get a little chilled. Nevertheless, it was a good ride – Hrimmi stopped less having Tinni on her butt.

We came home – I put on my Refrigiwear suit. It’s now in the mid-twenties. Okay, so this year October 24, 2014 was The Day. I felt much warmer and consequently more energized wearing it.

I next rode Raudi. She did not get to go out with the other three, and so my sense was that she was a little put out about this. I of course do not know for sure, but this was my guess. In such instances I have to trust my intuition. She is and will always remain the apple of my eye. I don’t want her to think that even though I’m riding Tyra, that I am or will ever think any differently about this.

I decided that she needed a change of scenery, so I took her down to Pat and Ray’s field. Craig (neighbor) has been four-wheeling there, so there are discernable paths. Raudi and I followed a few, meandered around – did some semi-serious bushwacking. I trust her judgement, and she trusts mine, so this is now a relatively safe proposition. There was a time in which I would not go off trail on her. I would instead do bushwacking (minimally) off Tinni. But now that she’s my Number One riding horse, I am feeling a bit more confident about (for instance) going up and down brush-filled gullies and over leaf covered logs.

I remember going for a ride across Moose Creek, many years ago, with a group, on Tinni. Some bushwacking was involved. I was really apprehensive. As it was, one of the Icelandics, Lifre, did get his belly cut up going over a log.

We never go fast, but we do finish up with a strong canter back up the trail to the main road. Today a spruce grouse flew up across the road as we were turning onto it – and Raudi did spook. I stayed on her just fine. I think that weather and the canter invigorated her.

I am hoping we don’t get any more snow and that the ground stays firm for a bit. Never thought I’d say it, but I am looking forward to doing more semi-serious bushwacking.

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