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October 21, 2017: Ready for Winter

I would not say bring it on, meaning winter, but we are about ready. The fact that the snow has not yet come has given us a reprieve of sorts, which has given us time to get caught up before we got caught.

Today Pete went and got yet another load of hay. It’s in the barn. It looks good. He also turned the compost, so we are set there. Additionally, he moved the trailer back into the driveway closer to the horse shelter. I walked around and put small things away. I also cleaned the back forty of the goat pen and of course the front forty. And we put tinfoil around the orchard trees so that the mice do not get at them. Live and learn – we had the bottoms of

several apple trees eaten in the past.

I’d like a restful winter in which I simply ride horses and get caught up on writing projects. In a few days I’ll again be living the monastic lifestyle since Pete will be going to California. I won’t have any reason to head to town – I’m not taking a class right now, so dealing with the now beater red Suzuki Swift (brakes are going headlights are funky) at night is not going to be an issue. The key words here are – sitting pretty.

Got word today that the Intrinzen Team is moving to the Pacific Northwest; specifically, to Lopez Island in the San Juans. As I worked, I dreamed about joining them, perhaps briefly since we are so entrenched here. And yes, we are entrenched – we have worked so hard to make this place habitable that moving any distance is out of the question.

But oh, I sure would like to spend time with others who have already made the horse/human body/mind/spirit connection. And how wonderful it would be, to take the three mares there for a part of the summer. (Again, I am dreaming). We would learn so much. The odds of this happening are of course quite slim, but not non-existent. I have noticed in the past that putting mental energy into thinking about things has made them come to be.

I would like to go to Lopez Island for a part of the summer or fall. This in so many ways WOULD be the dream of a lifetime. The horses would come back changed, and I would be a far better and more knowledgeable trainer than I am now.

I am doing the best I can, but sometimes I feel that I am floundering a bit, both with my own movement training and with that of the horses. My nose is above the water, but that’s it.

I hit a lot of dead ends with Centered Riding – it was just fortuitous that Project Proprius came along the time that it did. It does not have organizational affiliations, which is a good thing.

We’ll see what happens because anything can happen.

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