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January 28, 2017: A Conversation with Rover

Pete told me today that Rover isn’t doing very well. Sarah, the veterinary assistant came to our place and drew blood. His liver values are abnormally high. I decided to channel Rover and talk with him about what he thinks is going on

Alys: Rover. I am thinking of you.
Rover: Where are you?
A: In Portland, Oregon.
R: Are you gone for good?
A: No, I’ll be home in a few days.
R: That’s good. Pete told me that I’m a very sick goat.
A: That is what Pete told me.
R: Pete’s been taking really good care of

me. I’ve grown on him. He’s never been too fond of me or Ranger.
A: I think you have won him over.
R: I wish this had happened before I got sick.
A: He’s being attentive to your needs. This is what is important.
R: Yes.
A: I hear you aren’t eating much. You gotta start eating.
R: I don’t feel like eating.
A: For god sakes, just start choking food down.
R: I am trying to stay warm. I get cold easily.
A: This is why you are in the house.
R: I like being inside. And I like it when I get to go outside and be with Ranger. He’s my buddy.
A: Yes, you two have been together for eight years.
R: How come Ranger isn’t sick?
A: I have no idea.
R: What’s wrong with me?
A: We think it’s your liver. Could be a tumor, cancer, or a plugged bile duct.
R: Oh.
A: Yeah, oh.
R: Can you fix it?
A: We are doing all we can.
R: I understand.
A: Here’s the deal.
R: There is always a deal.
A: Smart ass. I will be home in a few days. Just hang tight until then. I’ll contact a few people whose names I was given here, and see if they have any ideas as to what might be wrong with you and what we might do to get you better.
R: Sounds good to me.
A: The question is, do you want to stick around?
R: I do.
A: But if you decide it’s your time you let me know.
R: Right now is not my time.
A: I hear you.
R: And I hear you.
A: Sleep well Rover.
R: You too.

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