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October 18, 2017: A Pretty Good Day. . .

I am now convinced that there is no such a thing as a perfect day. A few of those I have lived have come close, but not a one has ever gone right, down to the last detail. Live and learn, this is why we are here. We can’t take anything wherever we are going with us, not even knowledge. Material goods are tangible and immaterial goods are intangible. Sometimes this very thought makes me wonder why it is that I enjoy learning so much.

Early this morning, before work, we made a video of Hrimmi doing the October agility course. She did wonderfully. Unlike the last time, she was focused. This could have been because I first played with her, and

did a few non-agility things such as crunches and panther walk. And I praised her, ohh, did I ever praise her.

Pete then left for work. I came inside and worked on my Alaska State Fair eBook. Then I did my body awareness activities. I went back outside, and after cleaning the pen, I walked Tinni and Ryder down the road to Pat and Ray’s field. Tinni grazed and Ryder hung out as I picked high bush cranberries. I did some bushwacking on Tinni before heading home.

It was getting colder and more overcast. I picked a few berries that were up behind our guest cabin and then got Hrimmi out and rode her on our trails. She did okay – my balance was off because Pete’s saddle is too big for me. My not having a decent saddle is definitely a hinderance to the poor girl. Hrimmi is strong, powerful, but not super supple. I guess for now I will keep doing groundwork with her and have Pete ride her.

Lastly, after wavering a bit (it was starting to get dark), I got Tyra out. I quickly cleaned her feet, brushed her, and tacked up. And out I went again, for a third time today. Tyra is amazing – she has the physical edge and also is very self-assured. Once again, a tough call looms ahead – who do I ride in the 2018 CTR? Raudi or Tyra? Right now I have no idea. Raudi has the experience and Tyra has the right attitude.

Once inside, I ate dinner and then began typing up what I wrote this morning, an inclusion for my Alaska State Fair eBook. It’s about the dumpster fire. Then it happened, some sort of computer glitch, I had not saved the document that I was working on, so it was gone, just like that – into cyberspace.

Usually, when such things happen, I become unhinged for a while. This time, for only seconds. I was not very far along with this, it’s not that long, and I have a rough draft on hand, so tomorrow morning I will again type it into the document.

Crumb bum. As for the computer glitch part – I cannot make changes to the document in question. Pete will help me straighten this out. And I will retype the dumpster first story.

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