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October 13, 2017: Movement Science, etc.

Tonight I gave a presentation at the local recycling center – one in which I explored the human-horse, body-mind-spirit connection. It was Part 1. I would like to do another presentation in which I explore the horse-human, body-mind-spirit connection.

It went okay. There were a dozen people in attendance, which is about ten more than I thought would be there. There were some glitches, mainly things I left out because that’s the way my mind works. And everyone seemed receptive to what I had to say. I was concerned that the very practical exercises that I had everyone do, i.e. roll a ball underfoot, the Bones for Life bouncing on the heels exercise, and the

power poses, would be a little abstruse for most.

And I stressed that changing one’s habits could result in physical changes by making oneself aware of pre-existent tension patterns.

Was this all the right thing to do? I began to wonder tonight about this, as I watching a Katy Bowman video related to movement science. She believes that we should be moving more, throughout the day, that this is what keeps us healthy.

In a way, I did promote this concept by having those present do the above movement-related exercises. But maybe this was not the way to go. Perhaps I should have talked more (as Bowman is doing) about movement-related day-to-day activities. For instance, she sees chairs as being bad and instead suggests that we stand and work at the computer. I did this a year ago – stood with my computer on the bookcase and worked – but I got lazy and sat down again.

I spend, on an average, between four-five hours a day sitting at my desk. And I am sitting when I eat. And I am sitting when I use the outhouse. I am lying down when I read at night. Otherwise, I am outside with the animals and moving. I’d say at the most this is for four hours a day. Perhaps I could change some of these things.

I ordered Bowman’s book, but it has not come yet. I’m curious to see what else she had to say about this subject. There are ways (I suppose) that I could integrate her ideas into another talk. My saying that the above exercises could be done while waiting in the supermarket line did in some ways complement what Bowman was saying.

I also watched another video, this one was a tour of her place. She has no furniture to speak of in her living room – mostly just exercise equipment. This made me feel hopeful because all we use our living room for is exercise-related movement. And the only furniture to speak of is a beat up futon. It used to belong to Rainbow – now it is seldom used at all.

Movement begets movement – and movement begets energy. If I start doing the things that she recommends I might have the energy to do more of the things that she recommends. So I will begin anew, by standing by my bookshelf and doing my work on the computer.

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