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October 10, 2017: A Conversation with Tyra fra Tuskast

The following conversation took place this afternoon as I was grooming and getting Tyra ready for an afternoon trail ride. It was raining, but she was obviously up for going out.

Tyra: Are we going out for a ride?
Alys: Yes, how did you know?
T: I am not stupid. My saddle, bridle, and girth are sitting on the saddle rack.
A: What if I put them there and was taking them up to the cabin to clean?
T: Can’t fool me. You always clean my feet before we go riding.
A: Not true. Sometimes I groom your feet before we do work in the Playground.
T: The Playground! Let’s go up there. It’s raining and I don’t feel like being out on the trail.
A: But it’s been a few days since you’ve been out for a ride.
T: So?
A: You need exercise.
T: Maybe I should be the one to decide that.
A: You don’t get to decide anything.
T: In the Playground I do.
A: Well, yes, you got me on that one.

T: So let’s forego going for a ride.
A: We are going out.
T: Where are we going?
A: Murphy Road trailhead, Siggi’s Loop, Jim’s Road, and home.
T: That’s not so bad.
A: You’ve now been here a year and five months. How do you like being with this herd?
T: I am glad that they are all Icelandic horses. I cannot imagine living with big horses – you know, like the ones that went for a ride with us about a month ago.
A: You handled being around them very well.
T: A few told me to watch out – they bite and kick.
A: So you kept your distance?
T: Yes.
A: What if I gave you to Deb who has those horses at her place?
T: Terrible idea.
A: But you would be able to hang out with Teddy, the one Icelandic.
T: I talked with him about his situation. He isn’t all that happy. He wants to be in a herd of Icelandics.
A: But he gets out quite often.
T: And ridden by little girls. He does like that.
A: What is it about little girls and horses?
T: That’s an easy one. They are kind and gentle and spend hours and hours brushing horses.
A: As opposed to adults?
T: Who just want to get on with it.
A: I’ve noticed a difference lately. You seem to be getting along better with the herd here.
T: It’s the Intrinzen work. I am now a lot more confident. They all know this. I might be small, but I am mighty.
A: Do you believe this?
T: Most of the time.
A: And when you do not?
T: I fake it.
A: How do you fake it?
T: I tell myself that acting courageous is going to get me what I want.
A: Which is?
T: Food.
A: Here you go, here are your supplements.
T: See? Works every time.

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