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October 7, 2017: Remaining Flexible

I have read that when we get older, we get less flexible mentally. And for sure, we get less flexible physically. It is easy to deny or ignore the fact that we are becoming less physical mentally. It is hard to deny or ignore the fact we are becoming less flexible physically.

I used to consider myself to be a very flexible person mentally and physically. But the truth is, I am losing momentum in both areas. I am now attempting to remain cognizant of this, in hope that this might enable me to forestall what does not need to be inevitable.

A case in point: This morning I sat down to work on my Friday presentation (which is actually about physical flexibility) and Pete

Arkose Ridge
Arkose Ridge

yelled up to me that he was getting Hrimmi out. I was momentarily annoyed because I wanted to keep working on the presentation. I have a deadline, which is tomorrow – this is the only day in which he is going to have the time to help me put the PowerPoint presentation together.

I was also chugging right along – and for this reason wanted to keep going. Grr, grr, grr. It was a beautiful day out, so I abandoned what I was working on and went to assist him in tacking up the horses. Pete had also gotten Tyra out – she was standing by the hitching post, and looked hot to trot.

I had thought I’d be taking Raudi out with Hrimmi. Grrr, grr, grr. I started to protest but decided that I’d later take her out and pony Tinni. And then, once we were riding, Tyra was balky – she does not have shoes and the gravel was not to her liking. I wanted to wail on her. Grr, grr, grr, but I instead walked her for a while.

I know that I made the above noted right decisions – but this was with more angst than need be. As the above indicates, I’ve become mentally rigid and need to be more flexible.

I have an idea about how to go about this – it followed on the tails of my revelations about the Light Team. This is another way out there idea, and one that I am not going to tell very many people. Well, my three blog readers will know if it.

I am going to start throwing metaphorical beams of light out there when I am feeling irritated or put out by certain individuals and their untimely requests. These beams will come from my core and the tips of my fingertips. They will radiate good will and sincerity. This is a form of mental flexibility. Along with this, I will focus on my posture and take a positive and open stance. This is a form of physical flexibility.

And I am also considering taking the word no out of my vocabulary. Agreeing with others is a sign of flexibility as is seeing their point of view.

Maybe the Light Team wants us to start thinking about how we as individuals can change the world. I would like to think so.

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