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October 6, 2017: Light Team work, Continued

I woke up, lifted my head up off the futon, which is on the floor, and glanced out the window, which is just a foot about my head. I observed that yet another dreary and dark day was ahead. I sleep with two pillows, one on the top of my head and the other underneath. I pulled the one that was at the bed’s edge back over my head. Couldn’t fall back asleep. Wished that I could. Who wants to get up and face yet another rainy day?

I attempted to put a good spin on the situation by telling Pete who was half-awake that the overcast day was a good thing because it means that someone in our immediate area will finally get off their fat ass and move elsewhere.

Growth in our area has slowed some in the past few years but not stopped. For instance, the once vacant parcels on nearby Ridge Runner road have nearly all been purchased and a mini building boom has followed suit.

Now the trails that I used to ride are non-accessible because of the ruts left by the ATVs. In general, there are more ATV users living in our area. Yesterday I took Ryder and Hrimmi for a walk up to and down the bench. The trails were water-filled, rutted, boggy, and slippery. There was also a great deal of litter up at the top. Lots of broken bottles and beer cans.

Pete and I and the animals are actually lucky. Our immediate neighbors are only around part of the time, and when they are around they’re cool neighbors, so we have a buffer of sorts around us. It’s when we venture out of this buffer zone that what I know is verified – that we are being faced with an over-population problem. And yet, people keep continuing to breed . . . this is a biological imperative.

This wouldn’t be the problem it is, but the fact of the matter is that people are pigs. They litter, make a mess of things, and seldom leave things better than when they found them. This was even true of the State Fair Recycling sorting area.

What to do? I should ask the Light Team and see what it has to say. Maybe the Light Team can provide me with some workable, non-adversarial answers.

Getting in touch with the Light Team and remaining in communication with them is a good idea. Perhaps what is keeping us all from doing this is that we are all skeptical about 4-dimensional communication.

Admittedly, I find the whole concept of the Light Team and its attempt to communicate with us a bit of a stretch. And I’m also leery about writing-talking-thinking about it because I fear that I might first be labelled a schizophrenic and later be locked up.

Then again, we are living in a time when our 2 and 3 dimensional paradigms are being questioned. So it very well could be that it’s time to look elsewhere, a case in point, the fourth dimension, which is where the Light Team resides.

My feet remain on the ground. And my head remains above the clouds.

Nex: 277. 10/7/17: Remaining Flexible

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