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October 4, 2017: Tatters

A great name for a calico cat. Means also to be in shreds. Could be a sewing term. Sounds British. How about, a day in tatters? Seems most fitting for a day in which it poured rain most of the day and I was forced to be inside, taking care of odds and ends. The detritus of my busy life.

And so I came up with this idea, which is that I’m going to focus on doing inside activities when it rains and outside activities when the sun’s shining. The main outside activity is of course getting the horses out. A few days ago, on a sunny day, I worked around the place and did not get a single horse out. To hell with this. From now on. . . .

From now on . . . I often decide to do something important after making sweeping pronouncements. The more resolute I become, the less apt I am to follow through with my self-directive. Why is this? An analogous comparison: I often take note of something I own, like my favorite pen, and shortly thereafter I lose said item. The one exception is my favorite possession – which is my metal cup.

But well, I did get some stuff done inside today. I got caught up on self-administrativa, did the dishes, stacked wood. The latter counts as an inside task because I was working in the woodshed where it was dry.

I played with Tyra in the playground when the weather cleared (for a bit) and took Tinni for a walk. Horses, the rain does not seem to dampen their mood, just their coats. But they are affected at least physically. Quite often, when it’s raining, I’ll see them all clustered together in the middle shelter. And after, they’ll be standing or lying down in the sun.

I am hoping for sunny weather tomorrow. If not, I’ll again do inside activities. I have volunteered to make bread and to sort out the food bins under the cupboards. This is a part of a larger sorting project.

I am getting concerned about the fact that it now seems to rain around here more often than not. This IS a sure sign of climate change. Other places are experiencing other weather-related inconsistencies. For instance, there were innumerable fires this summer, in western Canada and the US. And areas further south have been experiencing extreme draughts. What many (including me) are wondering is what is this world coming to? I have taken to calling it the End Times – with the caveat that if you articulate it, it comes to be. I suspect that it’s going to be a long, slow process – one that is going to make movie goers antsy.

The End Times – a great name for a newspaper, one that chronicles what is happening. These chronicles could be stored in a vault for future generations to read – don’t know if the human race will be wiped out – if so, then the readers of this document would be read by giant cockroaches.

A world in tatters, indeed.

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