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October 3, 2017: Living the Drama Free Life

Therein lies the challenge – how does one do it, which is live a life that’s drama free? It’s important to consider this question because drama is like quicksand – it can suck you in and you are consequently powerless to do much about it – that is unless you know from previous experiences how to extricate yourself. I have heard that with quicksand one lies still on their back and waits for help to appear.

I don’t know how one extricates herself from drama. Remaining quiet might be a partial answer.

I do lead a drama-free life – it is a part and parcel of living the semi-monastic lifestyle. I don’t text, and I only occasionally check the cell phone for email messages. I never call anyone. I don’t like talking on phones.

Living this kind of a life enables me to put my energies into doing all-important tasks on the home front – mainly caring for animals; although I also help around the place. If I was in the thick of dealing with other’s discontent, I would not have the mental or physical energy needed, or as well the mindset, to deal with animals.

You have to be at least somewhat in the moment when you are around animals. If you are not, they might get hurt, or the animals might get hurt. So much can go awry. An example – I routinely let the horses out of the pen so that they can run around and get some yard time. I must first make sure that the gates are shut – that is the gate to the road and the gate to the playground. If I do not, they could wander off. And a few times, yes, the horses did wander over to our neighbor’s place. Once he was kind enough to bring Tyra and Hrimmi home.

And the goats, oh, the goats. Leave the horses’ food unattended or the tack room or trail room door open and they will be in there, in search of treats. This goes for the garden sites too. I remember watching open-mouthed when at the end of one gardening season Ranger got into the garden and finished off the kale. He went down the row so fast that I could barely follow him.

As importantly, I also have to be in the moment when writing. Otherwise, it does not get done or gets done badly. I just can’t do what needs to be done if I am obsessing about my self-created or another’s problems.

In order to lead what I consider to be a good life, that is one that’s drama free, I do need to minimize interacting with others. As importantly, when around people, I must refrain from encouraging others to include me on what my sister Eleanor calls the “ho ha.”

I also avoid Facebook. For some odd reason the site brings out the worst in me – and in addition is a time-waster.

Yep, got it all figured out. The best drama takes the form of videos the subject matter of which is at the distance.

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