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September 26, 2017: Decisions. . .

I don’t know when or why it occurred to me, which is the thought that perhaps I should ride Raudi in the Competitive Trail Ride – and in the lightweight open category. This was after Pete made it official that he would again be the Ride Manager for the 2018 ride. He took on this job two years ago and has now signed on to do this again.

It didn’t go well for Raudi and me. The two individuals I rode with would go slow on the rooty portion of the trails, where the wasps nests were, and Raudi, behind, several times, was stung. This just didn’t register with them. And as it turned out, Raudi got a girth sore, and so I was not able to ride on Day #2.

Add to my woes – Pete as ride manager, was no longer my ride partner. I had taken it for granted that he would be able to give me an assist. Instead, he had the interests of 47 other riders to contend with.

And Raudi wasn’t in the best of shape. Our P and Rs were amazingly high that first day.

This next time it will be different. I will most likely start out alone and this will be just fine. If I meet up with someone else and we end up riding together, this will be just fine, too. I also won’t be dependent upon Pete for support. I can figure out things on my own. And lastly, Raudi will be in excellent shape.

I began formal training today. We went for a lengthy ride – did the Moose Wallow ride. She did very well – we had some really nice trotting and cantering time. I did come off, coming off the trail that leads to Spike Fork Road. Raudi saw something that spooked her and did one of her infamous 360 degree spins. There is no way I could sit that. I flew off her back, and the back of my head hit the ground first. Yes, I was wearing a helmet and it took the blow. Nevertheless, I could feel the blow. My head hurt for a little bit, and then I was fine.

I didn’t (as I should have) leave Pete a note saying where I was. Nor did I take the cell phone. There most likely are going to be more lengthy solo outings on Raudi, so I will make sure in the future to do both these things.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. Once back at home, we spent some time in the Playground together. In hopes of giving Raudi more autonomy, I left the gate open. Raudi took advantage of this when I was attempting to get her to do crunches and headed out of the arena and back to the hay shed. I went and got her, and she remained focused the rest of the time we were in the playground.

Best, I am thinking, to get her ready for the CTR now than wait until next March. We are going to kick butt next year.

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