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September 25, 2017: A Conversation with Tyra

The following conversation took place earlier this evening, as Tyra and I set out on an evening trail ride.

Alys: Tyra, how are you doing?
Tyra: Very well thank you. And you?
A: Quite well.
T: Glad to hear it.
A: Likewise.
T: Where are we going?
A: In the direction of Siggi’s trail.
T: I know that. Are we going to ride Siggi’s trail?
A: Yes.
T: And are we going to do the other trails?
A: No.

T: Why not?
A: Because it’s getting late. If we stay out too long we will end up doing a portion of our ride in the dark.
T: Not a good idea.
A: No, not a good idea.
T: We are going out alone.
A: That’s right.
T: Why?
A: Because it’s a bit late for ponying another horse.
T: It’s never too late.
A: Yes it is. Tinni would move slowly, meaning we would get home after dark. And if Hrimmi or Raudi broke away from us, it would be difficult to find them in dark.
T: We’re coming up on a full moon.
A: How do you know this?
T: Honey, you live outside, with a view of the sky, you become very familiar with the moon’s cycles.
A: True. But there isn’t going to be a full moon for a few days.
T: Can we go on a full moon ride?
A: Not until hunting season is over.
T: When will that be?
A: I think this weekend.
T: Is this why you haven’t been riding us much lately?
A: It’s partially the reason. The fact that it’s rained nearly every day this month is more significant.
T: I don’t like the rain because on those days I see less of you.
A: That’s right. The rain rolls right off of you, but it penetrates my skin and makes me cold.
T: But we all need our exercise. It’s boring, hanging out in that paddock.
A: My dear, I am very much aware of this. If I could afford it, I’d buy us a place with a large pasture, one in which you’d be able to run for miles on end and never see a single soul.
T: Raudi told me about your trip and she mentioned such places.
A: Yes, we stayed in places that had a lot of pasturage. And she saw a lot of country.
T: She also told me about being up in the mountains. I would like to go there.
A: To Colorado?
T: Yes. I want to go on a long trip.
A: That’s the plan. I do not know when we’ll do it, but this is one reason why we purchased you.
T: I’m not going to be a pack horse, am I?
A: You’ve been spared because of your size.
T: I think that I must be a small horse. The day we went on the trail ride with your friend – the horses were quite large.
A: But they didn’t have hearts as big as yours.
T: No they did not.

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