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September 21, 2017: Walking with Horses

It is here where I must begin, at a walk rather than a run. I badly want to take off at a full gallop, with the horses, but I inherently know that much-needed proprioceptive changes will come about for me if I slow myself down. Doing what I am talking about, thus far, has been self-reinforcing.

This morning Pete and I took Tinni and Hrimmi out for a walk around the loop. Who would have thunk it, that we four would have learned so much in just walking around the loop?

I first went into Tinni’s paddock and put boots and a body wrap on Tinni. I also told him we were going for a walk and touched him all over. He gave me his feet so that I could put the boots on. It was as if he was saying “this is really going to help me out a lot.”

I had already put the halter on Hrimmi and taken her out into the yard and tied her to the fence post. I first started walking Tinni then switched to walking Hrimmi. My first revelation was that I have for some time considered Hrimmi to be a lug. And because she’s white and brown with a big spot in her center, she does resemble a cow. This is why my nickname for her has been Moo Moo. On the other hand, the nickname for Tyra, who is light on her feet and a speedy red in color has always been Twinkle Toes. Huh. Thought embodies itself in language. And what you see is what you get.

My attitude towards Hrimfara/Frosty Traveler has been changing as I have been working with her. She is powerful and strong, has a beautiful topline, and in this way exudes a quiet confidence. I immediately noticed that she is now a bit lighter on the forehand – she’s lifting her front legs just a tad bit more and her withers are coming up.

I began early on this walk to mirror Steiner and hung back and walked with my hands on her withers, back, and hindquarters. And every so often I changed sides. At first Hrimmi was confused because I was not in front, pulling on her. Rather I was back a ways, and encouraging her to go. Every so often she grabbed at the lead line, lunged for the grass, or stopped. I then bring my awareness to my hands and withers. There was no rope slapping on the flank today.

In walking, we’d ever so often get out of stride. I’d then slowly come to a stop and we’d again start out in unison. This worked far better than changing my stride as I was walking.

Pete walked Tinni who was well out in front of us. He later said that when he moved with a lighter step that Tinni would pick up the pace. He also observed that Tinni was (in going for his hay) stretching his neck out further. I was pleased because, additionally, Tinni did not cough at all. I heard a few coughs this a.m. He is now on out of state hay – but the few sprigs he’s gotten while out on the lawn have caused him to again cough. We removed his boots and wrap, with me first telling Pete to take a moment and touch Tinni and tell him what a flexible fellow he is.

Another revelation: We have three areas in which to do various things. We have the Playground of Higher Knowledge, the loop around the hood, and our trail system. These areas are now where we educate the horses, and where they educate us. How cool is this? Identifying these sites as such has now alerted me to the fact that I can use all three interchangeably with all the horses. Later today I am going to get Tyra and Raudi out. I will continue to ride one horse a day. Yesterday I rode Hrimmi and today I will ride Raudi.

Lots to think about, for sure.

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