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September 20, 2017: Doors Open, Doors Close, Doors Open

I have written a great deal about doors opening and closing – most recently I lamented the fact that I have to keep pushing on them – that I’d like once, just once, for a door to just swing open. Never has, and you know what? It might never happen. This very thought has made me at times wonder if I should give up and not push at all.

Today, a closed door swung open. And a door slightly open just opened a bit more.

The closed door swinging open. My Bones for Life teacher had, by all accounts given up on me after my didactic training because I did not do very well. Never mind, her teaching and my learning style

did not mesh – I did poorly. I hadn’t heard from her since, so I figured that I would not be doing a mentorship.

Pete told me she was teaching classes at the college, so today I went to one of the classes. This was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I flee conflict - -I do not confront it. Well, it turned out that no one was present for the class I attended. So we talked and she did an exercise with me. I didn’t say much at all – she did most of the talking. This was okay with me because at least she was not ignoring me. The exercise was quite good – I had some revelatory moments in moving my pelvis, one of which was I do not ever relax.

The outcome of our getting together is that we will begin work on the mentorship in December, when she gets back from doing four combined eco-tours in South America. In the meantime, I am to do the exercises and keep a journal. So I will be doing a mentorship.

The doors opening part way. My teacher is not super interested in the fact I am intent on making the horse/human body awareness connection – but I know quite well that it’s there to be made. And I am eager to do this. And I think that doing the exercises and journaling is an excellent idea. Teacher also does not know that much of my graduate work on the composing process of writers centered on journaling. I can do this. I will do this.

The door slightly opened opening more. Went to visit a local riding instructor today. This is an individual who believes in the use of pressure/release. She was here on Sunday. Tomorrow I am going to her place and we are going to take a look at a few of the Project Proprius videos and then have some of her younger students do some of the play, with and without the horses. That this individual is receptive to having me do body awareness training at her place is pretty remarkable.

And my horses’ doors are opening, but this is the subject of yet another dispatch.

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