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September 18, 2017: Go, go, go

Last night, before going to sleep, I made a list of things that Pete and I needed to get done. I made this list before going to bed because I knew that if I did not, that I would not be able to sleep – I’d instead lay awake fretting about forgetting things. So there it was this morning, on a yellow legal pad, right where I left it, on the kitchen table – the list.

I shared this list with Pete who at the conclusion of breakfast added a few items. We were able to delete the first item, which was FIX GATE because he’d already gone out and done this. Yesterday, at the end of the horsey gathering it fell off the hinges. Pete said that he thinks he originally put it on wrong. He put it back in

place because there would be the likelihood that the horses might enter the Playground and race up the hill and into the hood. This is very unlikely because fencing now surrounds the enclosure. Still, past escapes gave us reason to pause, so much so that I didn’t let the horses out this morning when I went to feed them. Raudi slipped on the slippery mat, so getting the gate fixed was by my dictate on the top of the list.

Other items on the list got taken care of. Pete took care of cutting and moving the rest of the poles we got at the Stoffels. He’s going to use them next spring – and at that time he will put rails on the mesh fencing.

I harvested raspberries, peas, and beans. And I cleaned the chicken waterer.

Tinni was coughing yesterday, so I cleaned out the inside and outside of the hay shed. Of course he did not cough today, for which I am grateful. Had he been coughing hard, we would have to summon Zach Kaiser, our veterinarian, who would have provided us with a steroid.

After doing all of the above, Pete and I found time for a ride. With it raining all the time I feel less motivated about heading out. Raudi and Hrimmi both did wonderfully – what great animals. Beautiful ride – low lying clouds – we could see the fuzzy outline of the Talkeetna Range. I later took Tyra up to the Playground and we messed around. Pete put the feed bucket containing treats back into the shanty and Tyra immediately found them Grr, grr, grr. Knocked over the entire bucket, grr, grr, grr. I put the bucket on the top shelf – it will take her just a few days to find it.

I had her go over the mat, around barrels, under the top and over poles. And oh yes, I had her stand on the soft mats for some time. This is good for her proprioception.

Least you think that I’m a total farm frau – tomorrow Pete and I are going to be giving a simultaneous talk at The Kiwanis Club meeting, which is going to be held at Turkey Red’s at lunch time.

There’s always something going on. I fell asleep at the computer, writing this dispatch.

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