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September 12, 2017: Women who Trot Alongside Horses

This title seems a little more like it because this is what I have been doing. There hasn’t been much running, although I have been trotting along beside them as we have gone hither and yon. Hither is the Playground of Higher Knowledge and yon is the trail system that we put in.

I assisted Pete with some of the fencing project. It’s going slowly, but we are determined to get this done by next Friday. The rails look really nice. They are adding ambiance to what previously was just a pit filled with gravel. The far wall fencing is complete so the horses will have no means of escape.

I Spent quite a bit of time with the gang of four. Seems now to be in a day’s work. It’s a lot of fun, having four horses with differing educational needs. I am now saying that I educate rather than train horses because they are attempting to grasp difficult concepts.

I first got Raudi and Tinni out – I gave them their supplements at the hitching post. This way the fray isn’t eating one another’s meals. I took their vitals, cleaned them up, and then took the over to the Playground. I had Tinni walk over poles in lockstep with me – I found myself thinking that it’s good that he moves slowly because I can more readily get practiced at matching my pace to his. I next played with Raudi, going over poles, doing the October agility course, and doing a few crunches. She did okay but was a bit on the lazy side. The same held true out on the trail.

Beautiful weather in the morning, terrible weather in the afternoon.

I next played with Hrimmi and Tyra. Now this was fun because both of them were a bit more lively than their two counterparts. Hrimmi really likes doing crunches. And Tyra enjoys doing the panther walk. And both were okay with going over the poles. With Hrimmi, I backed her into what I call the crunch station – two barrels close together flanked by a barrel on each side. She backed into the chute and did her crunches. I then had her take off from a crunch position and she went from there over the laid out poles.

And Tyra went after the bag. I could tell it was her favorite thing to do because she was fairly focused on the task at hand. After, Pete rode Hrimmi and I rode Tyra on the trail. It was getting dark, and this put a crimp on my already limited distance vision. Still, we did Siggi’s loop and Peaches’ trail.

I tried out my new running shoes and so the jury is still out. They seemed to pinch my toes on the right side. However, I can’t return them to the store because they’re now muddy. So I will from now on wear a lighter pair of socks.

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